Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” was cut short because of the President’s State of the Union Address, so it ended in a “to be continued” fashion, which was fine by me. So here is what went down…..

You may remember that last week the twins, Dan and Don, each GAINED nine pounds. NINE. So the rest of the ranch group was extremely annoyed with Don after they voted Dan off. Kind of like, “How dare you throw the weigh-in like that!” And who could blame them? Don tried to argue that they did not fix it, but really? Bob and Jillian were even more pissed, and Jillian, as she usually does in these situations, told Don not to insult her intelligence.

Then host Alison Sweeney brought on the first challenge, and it was a doozy. They had a room full of each of their favorite foods. Arthur’s pizza, Jesse’s fried chicken, Jen’s mac & cheese, Hannah’s monkey bread… was all there. And the challenge was that whoever ate the most calories, got to send one of the other teams to the “unknown” training facility for one week. Irene and Don were paired up, and so there were five teams in all. And everyone applied their own willpower except Arthur, who did not want his fate in someone else’s hands. Arthur didn’t eat pizza, though, but one fried chicken leg just because he knew no one else would eat anything. So he won, and he sent the green team of Jen and Jay to the other side.

Jen and Jay were amazed at how much tougher the workout was at the other facility, but they both did well and felt good about having seen how the other side was operating.

But then Jen and Jay were brought back for the main challenge, where they would be competing against the other four teams combined, but representing the “unknowns.” The challenge was to guess how many calories there were on a table full of food that was representative of those favorite foods everyone was tempted with earlier. But they didn’t have to just guess. They had to hoist large digits up one at a time, until they had the exact calorie count on the table. I was surprised with how close both teams were coming with each digit choice, and the ranch team won by a hair, guessing 8754 calories. The prize was letters from home, which immediately fell to the ground to be read as the team won.

After reading the letters, it was time “to be continued” until next week. So with that, I’ll see you all back here then….