If you follow “Top Chef All-Stars” on Bravo carefully, you know that Jamie has been skating for weeks. Whether it was a finger cut that required stitches, hiding when her dish should have been presented to judges, or playing it safe as others were eliminated for taking bigger risks, she just clearly didn’t belong here. With that, here is our recap of last night’s episode….

The show began with Jamie feeling quite lucky and being surprised that she was not eliminated last week, and rather that Casey was sent packing after the chicken feet debacle. Then they showed Marcel acting like a total douchebag toward Dale because Dale did not follow the challenge rules properly, yet won.

Then host Padma Lakshmi came in and announced that the chef-testants would be going to Montauk, Long Island, known to be the best fishing spot in the state based on the fact that it’s a good hundred miles or more from New York City into the Atlantic Ocean. There would be no quick fire challenge this week–only this elimination challenge in which they would break into four teams of three and catch fish, then create dishes based on that fish as well as a local produce market in Montauk for a beach-themed party in Brooklyn overlooking the East River. Atlantic Ocean, East River, same thing!
But this challenge was especially important to win because there would be a double elimination this week. Acclaimed seafood chef Kerry Heffernan would be a guest judge. PS–where the heck is Anthony Bourdain these days?

The teams were Fabio, Richard and Marcel; Jamie, Antonia and Tiffani; Angelo, Mike and Tiffany; and Dale, Carla and Tre. Dale was thankful he did not have to work with Marcel, and he also was gloating over catching a huge sea bass since his dad is a commercial fisherman.

It was interesting to note that the Richard/Marcel/Fabio team only made one dish, and as they were cooking head judge Tom Colicchio reprimanded them in a backhanded way, which was not a good sign heading into the party. He also found fault with the other teams too, however.

The winning teams were Dale/Carla/Tre (smoked bluefish lettuce wrap; fish taco with corn and avocado relish; and striped bass with gazpacho salad) and Tiffany/Mike/Angelo (striped bass with tomato, corn and watermelon; and pickled bluefish with watermelon, chiles and dill), and

The losing teams were Richard/Marcel/Fabio (sea bass with corn, tomato and some kind of weird foam) and Jamie/Antonia/Tiffani (porgie po boy with old bay mayo and slaw; striped bass with watermelon salad; and smoked bluefish with tomato, corn and zucchini )

The winner was Carla for her lettuce wrap, and her prize was a trip to Amsterdam…wow, the prizes on this show are amazing. And so Richard, Marcel, Fabio, Jamie, Tiffani and Antonia were all on the chopping block. The guys were berated for making one dish and the succotash not being very good and also for having too much going on on the plate that didn’t make sense. The ladies made three dishes and while Antonia was mostly guilty by association, Jamie (dish bland) and Tiffani (too fishy) failed the most and were sent home. Finally, Jamie was sent home. Whew. So Antonia, Fabio, Richard and Marcel were safe.

Now we are down to 10 chefs, and the show is moving along nicely. Who do you like? Who do you think will win? I’m picking Dale, Carla, Richard and Angelo as my final four, but all of them have surprised at various points, because, after all, it’s Top Chef “all stars.” See you next week everyone…