After watching the finale of “The Biggest Loser” last night, and feeling all those heartwarming feelings for the winner and everyone else who lost a LOT of weight, reality set in this morning when I crunched the numbers. Let’s recap….oh but first, make sure to check out my review of The Biggest Loser Meal Plans by eDiets on my food blog, Mikey’s Kitchen.

First, host Alison Sweeney brought out the two contestants vying for the final spot to compete for the title, Ada and Elizabeth. Ada had been nicknamed “The Terminator” by her fellow contestants and as expected, she won the final spot in landslide over Elizabeth, who had been below the yellow line multiple times this season. So Elizabeth was escorted backstage where she would compete for the $100K “at-home” prize. They then introduced the trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, and told them they would have two more trainers in Season 11 that they would also be competing against. How awesome is that?

Then they brought out the first round of contestants to weigh in.
Adam lost 182 pounds, or 45.27%. Nice way to start, and dude looks really good. Allie lost 74 pounds, or 22.98%. Sorry, but I barely remember her! Tina lost 72 pounds, or 27.38%; and Elizabeth lost 71 pounds, for 29.1%. Even she looked pretty good.

Next up was Brendan, who lost 117 pounds, for 32.32%. Sophia, who could have gone far but was sent home I believe in Week 1, lost just 65 pounds for 23.90%. Lisa lost 97 pounds, down from 288 to 191, but she didn’t look like a 191-pound woman at all. She must be like 6’3″ is all I can think of. Anyway, that was good for 33.68 %, so Adam still had a big lead.

The next group came out–Anna lost 109 pounds, or 33.03%; Jesse lost 166 pounds, down from 369 to 203. Wow! But he was one pound shy of passing Adam, at 44.99%. Burgandy was next and lost 64 pounds, or 27.7%.

Then came Rick, who unexpectedly knocked Adam out of the top spot by losing 165 pounds, or 47.14%. Good for him! Jessica was next and lost 92 pounds, or 32.62%; and Aaron lost 172 pounds, good for 36.75% (he started at a whopping 468, and got down to 296).

Finally there was just one more at-home contestant to weigh in–Mark. Do the producers think we’re stupid? Why would one person weigh in by himself? Why not pair Elizabeth with him? Well, because they already knew he won. Mark lost 213 pounds, down from 421 to 208, for 50.59%! Wow, now that’s awesome. So Mark won the $100K.

Then it was time to bring Ada back out, but first some promo for the new season that begins January 4….only 3 weeks away. This show must be raking in the advertising money, becasue how else would you explain just two Tuesdays off between seasons? Anyway, Ada was joined by fellow finalists Frado and Patrick, aka “The Alliance” along with Brendan.

Frado was the biggest loser on the ranch, so he got to choose the order. He wanted to go first, followed by Ada and Patrick. Frado lost 162 pounds, down from 367 to 205. Frado, of course, is a great story because he is off all of his diabetes meds. Really great for him. He lost 44.14%, making it difficult right off the bat for Ada and Patrick. Ada lost 99 pounds, down from 258 to 159, for just 38.37%. That, incidentally, was much better than Elizabeth’s 29.1%. Good job, America. It also was nice to see that Ada has reconciled with her family.

Finally, it was Patrick’s turn. Everyone could look at him and know that he won, which he did…..Patrick went from 400 to 219, a 181 pound weight loss, or 45.25%. So not only did Patrick win the show, he also got a job as an instructor at a “weight loss” camp in South Carolina, plus he won the $250K grand prize. Now that’s a great story and a happy ending.

But wait, I just went to the video replay booth. Remember a few weeks back, when Frado could have been eliminated but Mark instead sent Lisa home? Mark claimed he wanted to compete against the best. Frado, Brendan and Patrick chuckled at that afterward, joking about how their Alliance was all-powerful and Mark played into their game-playing hands. So the next week when Mark was up for elimination against Elizabeth, Patrick blew Mark away by sending him home.

And last night, Mark won the “at-home” prize, but Mark also lost 5% more than Patrick did. Folks, do not think for a minute that gameplay doesn’t enter in. For that matter, Rick and Adam both lost more weight than Patrick did. But they were both sent home weeks ago in gameplay maneuvers. So there you have it. I’m happy as heck for Patrick, but Mark deserved to win this.

Thanks for reading everyone, and see you in three weeks. Happy holidays!