Every week, NBC subjects us to two full hours of “The Biggest Loser,” when it can easily be squeezed into one. What’s more, the last two weeks, they moved it back an hour. Even on central time, that sucks, but for the rest of you, yikes. Thankfully there are DVRs today, that’s all I have to say.

Anyway, last night began with host Alison Sweeney wishing the Final Four well as they headed home with a DVD in hand. After showing them all greeting their families, they showed each of them watching the DVD of their journey. It was particularly painful to watch Ada’s while her mom burst into tears, not realizing how much pain they have caused Ada for most of her life. Ada’s dad even told her he loves her….yikes, now I have to take back those “douche” comments I made in an earlier post. But hey, I’m just glad her parents have a less-evil side.

Frado, as the person who had the highest percentage of weight loss on the ranch, won a home visit from celebrity chef Curtis Stone. But Frado turned it into a charity event with five different charities…I’m not sure how that all worked logistically, but let’s just say Frado duped Curtis into cooking for about 100 people.

Then as each contestant was training for the impending marathon (which, by the way, is something they do EVERY season now at this point), they received visits from trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. The best one was when Jillian showed up at Elizabeth’s place shortly after Elizabeth moved in with her boyfriend–and in the fridge there were giant frozen burritos next to the “Biggest Loser” mealplan meals. Ha! Oh, and Elizabeth is currently out of shape–big surprise there.

Now it was marathon time, and the winner took home $10K for a charity of their choice. How would Frado choose among the five charities? Oh nevermind, he’s not going to win the race! Ada wanted to break the best time on the show, previously held by Tara from a few seasons ago. However, Ada was stalled by stomach cramps and had to use a porta-potty. She was in there a whopping SIX minutes. Seriously? Still, Ada finished in 4:38, about 15 minutes better than Tara’s time. Good for her. Patrick finished second, followed by Frado and then Elizabeth.

Now it was time to weigh in. The top two would automatically advance to the Final Three and have a true shot at the $250K prize. the bottom two would fall below the yellow line, and America would vote for who makes the Final Three and who instead has a chance at the “at-home” prize of $100K.

Elizabeth went first and lost 15 pounds, or 7.81%. Frado was next and lost 27 pounds, or 10.89%. Dude looks great. Ada lost only 12 pounds, or 6.70%, and admitted that she didn’t do so well at home the past 30 days. Really? A quarter of a mill doesn’t motivate you? Patrick was next and he lost 35 pounds, or 12.54%. So Patrick and Frado were in, with no gameplay necessary.

And now, America has to decide on whether Ada or Elizabeth is worthy of the third spot in the finale. Look, I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but I will tell you who I would vote for–Ada. I don’t care that she slacked at home, and it appears Elizabeth did to some degree as well. But Elizabeth should have been voted off about eight times, and consistently wasn’t because she “wasn’t a threat.” So she BACKED INTO THE FINAL FOUR. Ada, meanwhile, was a weight loss machine all season. That’s all I’ll say. It’s your call, America.

Next week is the finale, and I just hope that next season they change things up just a little to keep us from boredom. They started to do that this season with the mid-week weigh-ins, but then slipped into relative sameness again. Anyway, see you at the confetti party next week!