That eternal bad-boy of the movies, still no stranger to controversy, turns 80 today. Ignoring the Oscars, and charges that his long-held anti-Zionism is really antisemitism, he remains a figure worth fighting over.

We open our brief salute with the trailer for the upcoming documentary, via Anne Thompson, “Two in the Wave,” the film covers the brief friendship, and long estrangement, between Godard and Francois Truffuat, who was Joe Strummer to Godard’s Johnny Rotten, the Beatles to his Rolling Stones, if you will.

Believe it or not, this is a science fiction movie. In a way, all of Godard’s film are, however — or is that me just being a pretentious twerp?

Roger and Gene argue.

I can see both points of view though, frankly, not all of Godard’s films are interesting to me — well, all the one’s I’ve seen are, to some degree interesting after you’ve seen them. During can be another matter. In any case, what an opening.

David Hudson has more, of course.