“Hell’s Kitchen” is getting a bit old with its same-ness and this season, with the lack of a clear-cut star. Gordon Ramsay is going to have to hire an executive chef from a Final Four of meathead Russell, a dude who can’t multi-task in Trev, a woman who acts and sounds like a little kid in Jillian, and another who continues to make big mistakes in Nona. Really? Well yeah, really. Here is the recap from last night:

Initial challenge: Re-creating a dish that Ramsay created by tasting it.

Mistakes: Trev forgot his carrot puree; Jillian and Trev chose pork instead of veal; Russell chose bacon with the cabbage instead of pancetta

Winner: Nona

Prize: Pampering at a spa in Beverly Hills. She was able to choose a cohort and took Russell since he came in second and for gameplay purposes.

Punishment: Prepping kitchen for dinner service and doing laundry

Dinner service: A few celebs in attendance, if you call Brian Bosworth a celeb….oh and it’s worth mentioning that Ramsay pulled Jillian aside before dinner and told her she needed to step up her game and stop making dumb mistakes…a pep talk of sorts.

Mistakes: Not as many…but Nona messed up the risotto about four times; Russell could not cook fish all the way through a few times; Trev cooked everything perfectly but his head was scattered to the point that Ramsay threw him out of the kitchen a couple times.

Winner: None, but it was a good dinner service according to Ramsay. But he asked for two nominees for elimination.

On the block: Trev and Russell, but not before Russell threatened to smack Trev around, as a bully in high school would. Real grown up, dude.

Quote number 1: Ramsay to Russell: “Your arrogance outshines your talent.” Ha!

Going home: No one. He told Trev to get back in line, and then introduced Russell to his family, followed by introducing the other three to their families. No one was going home all along, but that means two will go home next week.

Quote number 2: Jillian’s son to Jillian: “Has he called you a donkey yet?” Well, that might be the best quote ever on this show.

So there you have it….we have two more episodes, next week and then the finale. Then hopefully this show will take a breather for at least a few months. Thanks for reading and see you all next week!