Wednesday night’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” made it evident that the talent this season is horribly inferior. They began with Russell, Jillian and Nona sitting together proclaiming that they would be the final three, and that Jillian has believed that since Day 1. Really? Can anyone else have a hard time seeing any of them lead a kitchen? Anyway, here is the recap…

Initial challenge: Signature “power lunch” in food trucks.

Mistakes: Menu items. Russell actually made grilled octopus salad. Really? Trev made spaghetti with sausage. Really? Out of a food truck?

Winner: Gail, for her steak salad with mango and pecans. I thought Nona’s chicken salad sandwich with bacon and sweet potato chips would win, but that’s me and that was California. Russ’ dish was the least favorite…uh, big duh.

Prize: A makeover, one that made Gail look only slightly better than she did before

Punishment: What else? Cleaning the food trucks.

Dinner service: Nothing special, other than Paris Hilton being one of the guests.

Mistakes: Lots of them. Jillian could not cook scallops or halibut properly, and Russell was helping. Nona didn’t cook pasta all the way through…..Trev tried to re-fire meat…then Ramsay and sous chef Scott walked out to cool off and make nice for the reality show cameras. When they returned, they switched all the stations up. Then Gail served raw salmon, Jillian did not cook eggs all the way through and Ramsay followed through on his promise, telling Gail and Jillian to….

Quote: “GET OUT!”

Winner: Nobody, and they had to come up with a consensus two nominees for elimination.

On the block: Gail and Trev.

Going home: Gail. At least she got a makeover, and that’s what she said on her way out the door. Meanwhile, how in the world is Trev still here?

Thanks for reading and see you all next week!