Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” it was makeover week for the remaining seven contestants. Not that it should or does matter, but some of these folks, errr, needed it. Anyway, after the makeovers and Mrs. Mike shedding a few tears when they all met their families backstage (except for Ada, who had a friend visit), it was time to get down to business. (Side note to Ada’s family–you guys have some serious growing up to do, and should be ashamed that you’re not supporting your daughter in her endeavor to better herself here).

That business was a challenge in which the contestants had to run up and down a stairway adjacent to a train lift. They would get five points for each trip up and down, and 1 point for each time they took the train. The first one to 100 points won, and the prize was a new car. Ada jumped out to a huge lead and there was no way second-place Brendan would pass her. But then as she reached 95 points something odd happened. Ada was waiting at the top of the stairs, and then Brendan caught up and hung out with her. They were waiting for Patrick, who needed the car desperately because he was driving a 20-year old beater and had recently lost his job. Frado overreacted by calling it one of the greatest moments in “Biggest Loser” history. But it was still an incredibly generous gesture.

Then they showed the Alliance, aka Brendan, Frado and Patrick–discussing strategy in a room. Yawn. Then came the last chance workout. Double yawn. Time to weigh in.

Patrick was first and lost 10 pounds; Elizabeth 5 pounds, bringing her down to 196; Brendan 7; Ada 5; Mark 10, bringing him down to 299!; Lisa lost nothing, and to that we all said “yikes;” and Frado lost 4, putting he and Lisa below the yellow line. So you would think that Frado would be going home, right? Because surely Elizabeth, Mark and Ada would vote off the bigger threat.

Well, Brendan was first and voted for Lisa. Elizabeth surprised everyone by voting for Lisa, saying that Frado had her back from Week 1. Say what? Then Mark surprised everyone further by saying that Frado was the bigger threat, but that he liked the challenge of having to beat him. Seriously, I’m going to call Frado from here on out (and appropriately) The Godfather. But in all honesty, Lisa should have gone home because she flat-lined this week.

They showed her at home in Oklahoma and she has lost 89 pounds to date. She’s become an inspiration to her family and to those where she lives. Very cool. So have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and be sure to tune in tonight for the special “Biggest Loser” where-they-are-now episode. Thanks for reading!