Gameplay is part of every season on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” It just is. Some seasons are worse than others, however, and this one is particularly blatant. Except that Frado, Brendan and Patrick have a hard time coming out and saying it.

So last week after Jesse and Aaron were sent home, Bob Harper (who seems to become attached to every contestant he works with) was pissed. He asked Brendan point blank, “I thought you said no gameplay?” and Brendan offered a lame excuse. He was pissed at Patrick too, because he thought that not only was Patrick different, but he thought Patrick was close to Jesse, which he was. Patrick admitted he wanted to win badly for his family, but Bob responded that he should want to compete against the best and biggest threats, rather than weaker competition. Good point.

Anyway, host Alison Sweeney did the one thing that sticks a fork in gameplay fast–told them they would be going back to competing as individuals. I love this. But that doesn’t mean there still aren’t alliances. It also makes it really, really hard to follow the show when they change things up every week, but oh well.

So the contestants remaining received videos from home to start the show, only Ada didn’t have one. Bob pulled her aside and told her that her family did not respond to Harper himself reaching out several times. That’s incredibly sad, but good for Ada that she has so much fight in her despite a horrible family. But then the other seven contestants made a video of their own for Ada and acted as her “family.” That was cool, no matter whom you’re rooting for or how much gameplay is ever involved with the show.

Then Bob pulled Elizabeth aside and told her she would be finishing the “500 steps” she didn’t finish upon trying out for the show, because she had passed out and required hospital attention. She did it, albeit painfully slowly.

Then came the pool challenge, in which the contestants had to stand on a double platform about 10 feet above water, and had to balance on one foot as one half of their platform was pulled back. They had to do this for 5 seconds, and one at a time until one contestant remained. There were rounds that went from 5 seconds to 10 and on up. They got to 25 seconds eventually with just Ada, Lisa and Mark remaining. Whoever finished a round got to choose the next person to go, so Mark and Lisa went back and forth until Lisa finally fell in the pool. Then Mark got Ada to fall in and he won, and what he won was a one-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Not bad for a big dude.

Then after a Subway product placement and last chance workout, it was time to weigh in. Alison told them all that next week would be makeover week, but that would suck for the one person who was being sent home, wouldn’t it?

Mark went first and lost 8 pounds, giving him 9 pounds with his advantage. Patrick lost 10, Frado 9 (getting him to 100 pounds lost!), and Brendan 8. Well, those big boys with the alliance aren’t hurting themselves. Elizabeth lost 4, and Jessica 1 pound. Uh-oh. Lisa lost 6, and Ada a whopping 8. Ada continues to impress and lose weight at the same rate as the dudes. So below the yellow line were Elizabeth and Jessica.

You just knew they would all pick Jessica because she was a bigger threat. Let’s face it, Brendan, Frado and Patrick want the final four to be “self,” Elizabeth, Lisa and Ada; not the three of them, and Elizabeth. So Brendan voted for Jessica, Frado voted for Jessica and Lisa voted for….Jessica. That was it, because even with a tied vote, Jessica had the lowest weight loss percentage. She was okay, though bummed about not having a makeover. But when they showed her going home, she got her own makeover.

They also showed her Mom, whose name is…get this…Taffy. That’s awesome. Jessica is also awesome, having gone from 282 pounds down to 200, and meeting with the mayor of Tucson and a school official about getting involved in the community and helping make school meals healthier.

So that’s it, we’re down to the final 7—Brendan, Frado, Mark, Patrick, Elizabeth, Lisa and Ada. Something is not right about the fact that Elizabeth and Lisa are still there, but that’s gameplay for you. Thanks for reading and see you all next week!