Last night’s “Biggest Loser” proved that this show doesn’t need to be TWO HOURS long every week. Thanks to the elections, last night’s episode was a brisk one hour long, and I do mean brisk. There were no fluffy pieces with trainers making contestants cry, no Dr. H showing contestants that they’ve added 30 years to their life, and most of all–no Alison Sweeney asking each contestant what they’re thinking as they weigh in. With that, here we go…

After eliminating Adam, the contestants were whisked off by US Marines to Camp Pendleton. Once they got there, they had to hike to their barracks, and I do mean hike–up a steep hill. They were awoken early and stretched, then ate breakfast. The breakfast was greasy french toast and sausage–not at all what they were used to eating at the ranch. Then they had to compete in an obstacle course, and the winning team would get to call their families right there on the beach. All was good except when Elizabeth on the black team passed out, which slowed them down, allowing the blue team to win. But nobody was bitter, they just helped Elizabeth to the finish line.

Brendan was so caught up in all the routine of the Marines, that he asked them to shave his head, which they gladly did. Then came the last chance workout, which I forwarded through, even though it was just an hour long. Blah blah blah, anyway.

Then it was time to weigh in, and they did this in rapid-fire fashion, which was awesome. The blue team went first.

Mark -7
Jessica -4
Lisa -2
Jesse +1 (yikes, now Bob and Jillian were getting annoyed, thinking back to what they all ate this week)
Aaron -14! (good for him)

The black team was next….

Ada -7
Patrick -7
Brendan -4
Anna -2
Elizabeth +1
Then Frado went up the scale and acted all distraught, saying he felt in his body like he was going to put up a +6. Hmmm. Sure enough, Frado gained 4 pounds. He then blurted out “no gameplay.” Um, dude, you’re so full of crap I can smell said crap through my TV screen. You gained weight so that your team would lose and you could send Anna or Elizabeth home.

Sure enough, Patrick voted for Anna; Ada voted for Anna; Anna voted for Elizabeth; and Brendan voted for Anna, sending her home. Well, duh. Now next week, Frado will lose 20 pounds and lead his team to victory. I am on to you, dude…and I know all of America is too. I hope your team keeps losing though so that all of you go home, leaving a final four of blue team members.

Meanwhile, Anna was shown at home, and she has lost 80 pounds, down from 330 to 250. Good for her. She knew already that she could lose the weight at home and she proved it again.

So what do you all think? Am I off base here? Let me know, and we’ll see you all next week! Thanks for reading…