It used to be that when “The Biggest Loser” producers messed with the show, I would get annoyed and want to stop watching. But since this season began, and started with wrenches all over the place, my outlook has changed and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because they stopped playing that awful “What have you done today to make me feel proud?” song that was the theme for like five years. I mean, whoever wrote that can retire now, but we’ve all certainly heard it enough times. More likely, it’s the fact that they started changing things up with the yellow line and when they weigh the contestants in right from Week 1. That way, they can’t play games or mess with the weigh in at all….more below the line, pop weigh-ins, no monkeying around. So I like it that way, and when host Alison Sweeney announced that they would be going to blue vs. black as they have in seasons past, I was all for it. Let’s break up the alliances that are forming now.

So the episode began with those who fought to get onto the ranch in the first episode having a shot at getting on again. Five of them–Corey, Anna, Montina, Shanna, and Sandy–would weigh in now for that second chance. No games this time, just a straight weigh in. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss would get a spot on the ranch. Corey went first with his man boobs, those boobs that I swear are bigger than Alison’s. He lost 37 pounds, or 9.46%. Shanna lost 21, Montina 17 and Sandy 25. So Sandy was now in the lead. Anna was last and she lost 39 pounds, or 11.82%, and earned that spot on the campus.

But wait, there’s more. Alison announced the blue vs. black thing, with Bob Harper training the blue team and Jillian Michaels the black team. Anna would get to pick the teams, making her everyone’s friend and enemy at the same time. But wait, there’s more. There were 13 contestants–so it would be six vs. six, but one extra person would have immunity. Anna could keep immunity, or give it to someone else. Hmmm. They all told her she should keep immunity, and really, why wouldn’t she?

After listening to everyone plead their cases, Anna picked the teams. The blue team was Jessica, Aaron, Lisa, Mark, Jesse and Adam. The black team was Rick, Ada, Frado, Brendan, Elizabeth and….Anna! She wanted to have Jillian as her trainer that bad that she decided to give immunity to Patrick instead. Bob thought the teams were fairly even, and they might be…but with Patrick getting a spot on the losing team this week, Anna put herself in the firing line. That’s because the alliance of Patrick, Frado and Brendan was at work, talking about throwing the weigh in to get Patrick on their team, and hence eliminating Anna. When Jillian caught wind of this, she went ballistic, and rightly so. You can’t send Anna home! Yet Frado and Brendan kept saying it’s a game, so they could not be trusted.

Then for the main challenge, the blue and black teams had to walk to food stations set up in downtown Los Angeles, and answer trivia questions at each stop. Answer it correctly, get a green card and to obtain the next clue. Get it wrong, and a red card would have the punishment, which was usually some sort of physical activity like climbing stairs or doing lunges. The winner of this challenge would get 40 weeks of the The Biggest Loser meal plan, plus letters from home.
The black team won, but some of the contestants gave their prize of letters from home to members of the blue team.

Time for the weigh-in. Adam still had that 2-pound advantage, but decided to hold it and parlay into a potential 3-pound advantage next week. Patrick went first and lost 10 pounds, but he was safe with that immunity this week.

The blue team went first. Jessica lost 6, Mark 9, Lisa 8, Adam 11, Aaron 12 and Jesse 16! That was 62 pounds total, or 3.16%. The black team needed 52 pounds to win. Anna lost 5, Elizabeth 9, Frado 9 (okay, not really throwing it), Ada 9, Rick 10, and Brendan…..2. He swore on his “god daughter’s life” that he didn’t throw it and wasn’t playing games, but everyone, including Alison, was skeptical. Count me in too….swear or no swear, he and Frado are totally, totally playing the game. But you know what? The producers should have made it more interesting…let the blue team vote. With all of the changes and twists, I’m not sure why they didn’t think of that. So the black team lost 40 pounds, or 2.4%.

Now, on to the voting. Ada was safe since she had the highest weight loss percentage on her team. Anna went first and voted for Elizabeth. Elizabeth voted for Rick. Rick voted for Elizabeth. And then Ada, Brendan and Frado voted for Rick and Rick was sent home.

Two things here…first of all, I’m glad that nobody voted for Anna. But secondly, no votes for Brendan, who lost 2 pounds? And no votes for loud-mouth Frado? That smells really bad to me, because you just know that Brendan and Frado (and Patrick) influenced Ada and Elizabeth a ton. They knew Rick was a threat and would not sit well with the alliance. However, now with that alliance, Ada and Elizabeth are screwing themselves, because the alliance will vote them and Anna off first, unless that trio gets to them first. Interesting, huh? Maybe it’s time for a red line again. And with this season, there probably will be one next week.

Thanks for reading and see you all next week!