Last week after Raj was eliminated from “Hell’s Kitchen,” the next logical thing to happen was to kick off Sabrina, the mouthy red teamer who seems to know how to cook but can’t for the life of her get along with anybody. But last night’s two episodes sent two different contestants home. Here is how it played out:


Initial challenge: Creating a tasting menu for Beverly Hills High School prom to be held that evening in Hell’s Kitchen
Mistakes: dry halibut for the blue team
Winner: Red team
Prize: Amusement park day
Punishment: Setting up room for prom..Russell gets lippy with high school students who are trying to tell him how to set room up…James tells him to shut up and Trev takes the lead instead
Dinner service: The prom
Mistakes: Emily’s soggy crab cakes, Melissa firing about 20 filets before they were ordered, Boris slow on fish station, Emily serving raw halibut, Melissa slicing meat too soon and Nona interrupting Ramsay when he was telling Melissa how to slice or not slice meat
Quote: Ramsay referring to some weird purple and green mess on two plates as “Barbie vomit or purple snot.”
Winner: Blue team,as Russell stepped up as a vocal leader. Sabrina was best of the worst, but not before Nona spoke up that she shouldn’t be.
On the block: Melissa and Emily. But the blue team tried to convince Sabrina to put Gail on the block since Emily would self-destruct at some point anyway.
Going home: Emily. Good choice, Sabrina. Meanwhile, before making his decision, Ramsay asked Nona to announce who she thought should go home. She said Emily as well, but maybe learned to keep her mouth shut.


Before this began, Ramsay put Melissa on the blue team and Trev on the red team.

Initial challenge: Creating salads for Bon Appetit editor Sarah Tenaglia
Mistakes: Nona’s quail looking like a dead hamster (ewww)
Winner: Blue team
Prize: Lunch in Malibu, and Rob had the winning salad (with seared scallops) that would appear in Bon Appetit with a photo shoot, and the salad would also appear on the Hell’s Kitchen menu that night
Punishment: Prepping for dinner service and being served a lunch of edible flowers. Blech.
Mistakes: There were “Chef’s Tables” that evening, but I didn’t recognize any of the celebrities, did you? Anyway, Boris cooked rubber shrimp, Melissa failing on scallops, Nona serving raw scallops but Trev rescued her, Sabrina did not have gnocchi ready on garnish station, Boris did not season his mashed potatoes at all.
Quote: Ramsay told Sabrina to “Shut it!” and then told Boris to “Get out!”
Winner: No winner. Each team had to nominate one person for elimination. Ramsay had asked for a perfect dinner service for the chef’s tables, but didn’t get anything close to that.
On the block: Sabrina and Boris. But Ramsay asked Nona and Melissa to also step forward.
Going home: Melissa. Ramsay gave her a chance on a different team but she failed that test. Still, the combustible Sabrina has hung on these last few episodes after being on the chopping block almost every time.

So there you go….and next week we have two more episodes, because Fox doesn’t begin its playoff baseball coverage until the week after that. Then it’s a two- and possibly three-week break, depending on what happens with the World Series. Thanks for reading and see you all next week!