One thing you can say about NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” they do like to shake things up and keep viewers interested. Last night’s Season 10 premiere was no exception, as they changed the way that they choose contestants. The theme this season is “pay it forward,” so they had various contestants from past seasons involved as host Alison Sweeney and trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper traveled to seven different cities to choose their players this season.

The first stop was in Michigan, and a crowd of people gathered to have Bob work them out, and then the three potential contestants were introduced, but they were from different areas–Minnesota, Illinois and Ohio. I’m not sure how they figured this out, but there you have it. Anyway, these contestants were Jesse, Sophia and Aaron. They each weighed in–at 369, 272, and 468, respectively, and told their stories. Then they were told they had to race to do 500 step-ups, and the first two to 500 would be going to the Biggest Loser ranch. Say what? You mean to tell me a 468 pound dude has a chance in that race? Of course not. Jesse and Sophia were headed to the ranch and Aaron was not…for now at least.

This was duplicated in six other cities, with the step up competition being held in three of them and a 1-mile race in the others. Seriously, they had 400 pound people running a mile, and Bob telling us TV viewers that everyone should be able to do that. Really, dude? You don’t see the danger in that? Sure enough, 391 pound Corey fell twice near the finish line and needed oxygen. And 244 pound Elizabeth collapsed doing the step ups. There were positive stories though, like 400 pound Patrick winning his 1-mile race.

So the 14 contestants headed to the ranch–Jesse, Sophia, Adam, Ada, Burgandy, Tina, Rick, Patrick, Jessica, Mark, Allie, Lisa, Alfrado, and Brendan–will get there only to have more twists thrown their way. There were preview clips of a yellow line the first week that had more contestants below the yellow line than above it. And they showed Bob with Aaron and some of the other “eliminated” contestants. Surely, all of them will be back on the ranch or have a chance to get there. I am kind of happy about that, because guys like Aaron need to be there.

Other than that, it’s kind of hard to tell what will happen. There are no families this year, so no alliances between contestants just yet. There are whiners and criers and cancer survivors and lots of man boobs. And next week, we should have a better idea of how this season intends to play itself out.

So let’s get on board and enjoy the ride this season!