Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder star in the latest from Ron Howard, who Dustin Rowles terms “one of the meh-est directors of all time.” He’s made some good movies and a number of very decent time-killers and in many ways has been a highly admirable figure in the business as a whole. Still, I find it kind of hard to disagree when it comes to his work as a director. And, yeah, the January release date doesn’t bode very well. Nevertheless, as Rowles’ commenters point out, Howard’s early sleeper hits, “Night Shift” and “Splash,” showed Howard could do comedy very well.

As for the premise, I’ve seen this one in about a million advice columns and I would be absolutely terrified to be in, so I guess it strikes a chord or two. As for what I’d do, all I know for sure is that I’d want to be damn sure I had my facts straight before going forward. Fortunately, my friends, and their significant others have proven to be mostly exceedingly dull — in a good way I mean. I live in un-Peyton Place.