There’s been a lot of talk recently about how much darker this season of “Entourage” has been, and while I’m not against the show flexing its dramatic muscle or exploring heavier material, tonight’s episode felt a little too serious, with almost no comedic moments to balance any of it out. That was clearly the point, however, as the season finale was a wrecking ball of destruction that tore through many of the characters’ like paper-mâché.

We’ve seen Vincent Chase down and out before following the aftermath of “Medellin,” but it was never quite as bad as this. The guy has been acting like a first-class jerk for weeks, and after making a scene at Sasha’s photo shoot that ends in him getting the boot, he comes home to discover that the guys have staged an intervention. Vince continues to deny that he even has a drug problem, but despite dumping that entire quart-sized bag of coke that Lloyd found down the sink as proof, his body language isn’t very convincing. The fact that he even had the nerve to then try and flip it on his friends was downright shameful, adding as he stormed out of the house, “I know you all need me, but I’ll call you if I need any of you.”


Why anyone continues to be his friend is beyond me, but he finally gets a taste of his own medicine when Eminem kicks the shit out of him after he insults the rapper at his own party. Granted, his bodyguards did most of the work, but ‘ol Marshall Mathers did get the first punch in, and it was a doozy of a right hook. And when the guys rush to the hospital to see how he’s doing, instead of being thankful that his friends haven’t abandoned him yet, he blames his behavior on them. Like I said, what a prick, and I’m glad the police officer found that cocaine he was carrying. Now he can go spend some time in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison and think about how he managed to fuck up a good thing – and all because of a porn star.

Meanwhile, Ari’s marital troubles continue to get worse as he tries to plan a surprise birthday for his wife. The only problem is that no one wants to come and risk being stuck in the middle of all the drama, so when Mrs. Ari’s sister, Marcy, comes to town to console her, Ari puts aside their long-running hatred for one another in order to ask for her help with party. Marcy agrees, only after Ari promises to clear all her debt, but when the time for the big surprise arrives, Mrs. Ari isn’t there to experience it. Instead, she calls Ari on the phone to tell him that she needs a break – something that’s been coming this whole season. I still don’t know why she’s acting this way, because it’s not like Ari ever did anything bad to her or the kids, but I guess the writers thought that Ari was due for his own personal tragedy of sorts since he’s been a little too successful as of late.

It’s totally unwarranted, of course, but I can’t imagine they won’t fix everything by the time the series comes to a close next year. And if they really do only plan on doing six episodes, they’re going to need to work fast. That means that Turtle will find success as an entrepreneur (and after only one year of business school!), Drama will finally be the star of his own show (but only in cartoon form), Eric will finally marry Sloan (though probably at the risk of his job), Ari will win back his wife (and possibly leave the agency to become a family man), and Vince will emerge from rehab sober and ready to work. (I’d include a parenthetical for him as well if I didn’t think the big Oscar storyline wasn’t being saved for the proposed movie.) It’s probably a little too much of a fairytale ending, but for a series that was built on that very premise, can it really end any other way?