There are a lot of good things you could say about tonight’s episode, but one thing it was not was entertaining. Although there were a few laughs to be had at Drama and Turtle’s expense (the former has drunken himself into a stupor and sarcastically claims that Dos Equis has hired him for a new campaign as the Least Interesting Man), the rest of the episode leaned very heavily on Ari and Vince’s ongoing storylines. Granted, that’s pretty much been the theme of this season, but with only four more episodes to go, I was really hoping we’d see Drama finally get a job – and no, not as the voice of a cartoon character.

Unfortunately, it looks like that’s where the writers may be going after Billy Walsh suggests that Drama isn’t attractive enough to star in his own show, but has the kind of voice that could headline an animated series. It’s all part of his plan to reignite his own career with the help of Eric, who he believes can get him back into the business the same way he did with Vince. But while he may have gone straight since the “Medellin” debacle (to the point that he’s completely sober, doesn’t swear, and is now an ordained minister), this might just be his craziest idea yet. Drama may be desperate, but why in the world would he want to settle for a cartoon after spending the better part of his adult life trying to make it in Hollywood? He’d be much better off just acting on stage, and would probably make more money doing it. Voice acting can certainly be a lucrative career for some, but Drama believes too much in the craft of acting, and it would be a major disservice to his character to suddenly abandon that philosophy.


At least Turtle’s love life is on an upswing of sorts after he finally scores with Alex, although it didn’t exactly start out great. In fact, Turtle tells the other guys that their first night together was a complete disaster after he got so freaked out from seeing Alex’s bald nether regions that he didn’t perform to his best. Alex thinks that it was Turtle’s first time (though he quickly assures her it was not) and decides to give him a second chance, which goes much better than the first. Of course, as Vince’s friend, it’s hard to imagine that Turtle has never seen (or been with) a girl who was completely shaved, so I didn’t really buy the storyline at all. Then again, it’s also hard to believe that Turtle would be so stupid to think it would be a good idea to post videos to Vince’s Twitter account of him and Sasha Grey positively smashed on his tequila.

And as it turns out, it has major repercussions when Dana Gordon contacts Ari with concerns about making Vince the star of Warner Brothers’ new franchise. It’s a deal potentially worth $100 million across three movies, but only if Vince can prove that his recent behavior isn’t going to be a problem. Ari promises that it won’t, but that’s going to be hard sell after he walks out to discover Vince passed out by his pool. Mixing Vicodin with all that tequila probably wasn’t such a great idea, but with Ari knee-deep in his own problems, and Eric trying to make his own millions with Scotty Lavin, there’s no one around to play babysitter to Vince anymore.

Eric would certainly be disappointed if Vince somehow manages to screw this up, but Ari doesn’t even have time to worry about it now that Lizzie is considering suing for sexual harassment/general harassment/being just a really lousy boss. Not only would it hurt his image, but his lawyer assures him that if it went to court, win or lose he would lose his deal with the NFL. Fortunately, Ari discovers that Lizzie has no intention of suing him (she wants to be successful on her own, despite her new boss’ thirst for revenge), but she still sent recordings of his sexist rants to Deadline Hollywood. Who knows what kind of ramifications this is going to have on the agency, but it looks like the NFL deal is pretty much dead in the water unless Ari can somehow save face. And if there’s one thing Ari Gold is good at, it’s coming out on top. Lizzie’s not going to like what comes next.