Take a look at the title of tonight’s episode and then think about it for a few seconds. Get that little giggle out of your system? Great, let’s move on. Of course, that might be hard to do considering both references in the title – namely, anal sex and tequila shots – played a big part in several of the storylines this week. The most entertaining one involved Vince hooking up with porn star (and supposed anal specialist) Sasha Grey at a club, only to surprise the guys with her smarts, sophistication and sense of humor.

Sasha may be classier than she looks, but Drama and Scotty Lavin most certainly are not, launching into a discussion about anal sex that results in Eric confessing he’s never tried it. Scotty claims that Eric needs to do it at least once before he gets married, and Drama agrees (“You kidding? Vagina’s my third favorite hole.”), but when Eric mentions the idea to Sloan, she reminds him that they did try it once… unsuccessfully. That didn’t stop them from trying again, however, but just as Eric suspected, he likes her vagina. It was a rare comedic twist in the relationship that was sorely needed, because up until now, the writers have made Eric’s decision to marry Sloan seem like a bad thing. And if you’ve seen her recently (or heard the actress that plays her talk about all of her awesome qualities in that promo HBO has been airing recently), then you know that it’s not.


Getting back to Vince, while it may have seemed a bit unprofessional to bring Sasha with him to his meeting with Stan Lee and Randall Wallace, I don’t think it should have had anything to do with the fact that she was a porn star. Granted, I can understand their caution about working with young actors who turn out to be the latest fuck-up of the month, but if they hadn’t been so prudish about Sasha’s career, then Vince probably wouldn’t have acted like a giggly little child. The fact that he mixed some of Turtle’s tequila with a Vicodin certainly didn’t help, but I’d be more concerned about him getting addicted to pain meds (or looking like an ass as the face of some tequila) than losing out on a job because he’s dating a porn star. And from the looks of things, Vince is about to go 2-for-2 in that area.

All is still not well in Drama’s camp, either. After freaking out upon hearing that John Stamos still hasn’t called back about the script, Drama nearly has another panic attack when he learns that Bob Saget is trying to steal his role. It certainly doesn’t help that Saget and Stamos are old friends, or that the network actually prefers Saget over Drama, but when Drama learns that the part was never actually written for him as he was led to believe, he seems to just throw in the towel. Hopefully that’s not the end of Drama’s search for a new show, but I have to imagine that if Phil is still fighting for him at the network, then there’s a good chance he’ll get it when all is said and done. Who knows? Maybe Stamos will drop out and Drama will take over his part.

I’ve been right before – as early as last week, when I suggested that if Lizzie was working in cahoots with anyone to get revenge on Ari, it would probably be Amanda Daniels. Granted, it took an entire episode of prodding clients about who was backing Lizzie before Amanda herself called Ari to proclaim war, but this is definitely a nice little twist for the season. Though Ari succeeded in holding on to some of his star clients (including Mike Tyson, Jessica Simpson and Aaron Sorkin) for the time being, he might have to take a more hands-on approach to his agency if he hopes to keep them. I can’t imagine he’ll be able to follow through on Tyson’s idea of a black “Brady Bunch,” but I am curious to see if anything comes of this Sorkin/Simpson business. It’s hard to imagine Simpson doing a dramatic acting role, or someone as well-regarded as Sorkin to actually write it for her, but we’ve certainly seen crazier things on the show.