It was bad enough with one “Full House” cast member dropping by every season, but now we’ve got to deal with John Stamos too? What’s next, Eric revives Dave Coulier’s voice acting career? All kidding aside, The Stamos positively stole the show on tonight’s episode as a vainglorious parody of himself when he came to visit Drama regarding his sitcom. Stamos absolutely nailed the part – from referring to Drama as Jimmy, to almost completely ignoring him in favor of talking to Vince – but it was nice to see Drama get a few jabs in as well. I nearly fell off my couch from laughing when, after winning the serve at the beginning of their first ping pong match, he declared, “It’s going to be a long day for Uncle Jesse.”

The fun didn’t stop there, either, as Drama was challenged to a second match later in the episode at the ping pong club where Stamos trains three times a week. Stamos even promises Drama that he’ll do the show if he can beat him, but it didn’t matter, because even though Stamos won, he still agreed to read the script. Of course, Drama claims that he threw the match on purpose, but does anyone really buy that? I know Phil told him that he needed to stroke Stamos’ ego by letting him win, but with such big stakes on the line, it seems like too big of a gamble for Drama to take. Plus, he’s just as arrogant as Stamos, so I guess we’ll never know.


At least we have one less rivalry to keep track of now that Eric and Scotty Lavin have made amends. Though it certainly took them long enough to man up and apologize to one another for being dicks, Eric had no choice after he discovered that the “Airwalker” script that Scotty was pushing him to read was actually pretty good. Even Vince likes it, describing it as a darker version of “Aquaman,” so it looks like that’s going to be his next project. And perhaps with no copyrights to worry about, we’ll actually see him in costume this time around. While that should make for an interesting subplot for next season’s premiere, the story I’m more curious about how Eric and Scotty’s new partnership develops. We haven’t seen Murray at all this season, so it’ll be interesting to see what he thinks of their plans for the future, or better yet, if Scotty is just playing Eric for his own benefit.

On the other side of town, a rivalry continues to blossom between Ari and Lizzie as she leaves TMA for supposedly greener pastures. Though Ari tries to part with her on good terms, all Lizzie has on her mind is revenge. And when Ari gets a frenzied call from Andrew Klein in rehab relaying news that she’s stealing clients, everyone in the office is sent scrambling to find out what agency she’s joined that has the cajones to mess with Ari. My money is on Amanda Daniels, so expect to see Carla Gugino reemerge at some point before the end of the season. Still, even if Lizzie manages to nab a few star clients, Ari’s dreams of bringing an NFL team to LA seem closer to reality after his pitch to potential investors went resulted in big checks being signed. On a side note: Ari’s new assistant, Jake, is really starting to grow on me, but where has Lloyd been all this time?

I’d rather see more of him than Turtle, whose storyline continues to be a plague on this otherwise excellent season. I know I complain about it every week, but I just don’t see where it’s going. His business trip to Mexico may not have been as shady as I predicted, but while the tequila that Carlos Javier is hocking may be legit, the idea of putting Vince’s name (and face) on it just sounds incredibly tacky. Turtle definitely feels like he’s being exploited, but for some reason, he decides to stick around to visit the factory. I still don’t have a very good feeling about this, and if Vince gets involved (which he will, because he’s stupid like that), it might hurt his career in the long run. Then again, it wouldn’t be a season of “Entourage” without Vince’s career in the crosshairs.