Last night’s episode of “Top Chef DC” was another battle between Kenny and Angelo. This time, they freely admitted that they were in a battle for who was the bigger alpha male. And Kenny proved to be just that, while Angelo showed several signs of being, well, Mr. Creepy.

Here is how it went down. The show began with a little fluff, like who in the house is doing who. And Angelo was hitting on Tamesha and acting like a creepy old man in the process. Ed was hitting on Tiffany in a weird manner too. Such is life on a reality show I guess.

Then it was time for the quick fire challenge, and the guest judge was chef Patrick O’Connell, from Maryland. So since it was Maryland, there were blue crabs involved, and lots of them. The simple challenge–to create a dish using crab. Well, duh.

Patrick’s least favorite crab dishes were by Andrea (warm crab salad), Amanda (crab salad with juniper gelee) and Kevin (blue crab chowder). His favorites were Ed (Thai inspired crab), Kenny (crab 3 ways) and Angelo (crab broth with Thai flavors). So here’s a question….why did nobody make crab cakes? Seriously….there were more soups and salads than than anything, making it feel like a Weight Watchers meeting. Anyway, the winner was Ed, and he got immunity for this week.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs were sent on a field trip to Ayrshire Farms, one of the country’s largest all-organic farms. They would be serving lunch family style for 40 local chefs and farmer, along with O’Connell and regular judges Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio and Eric Ripert.

But the challenge was also to work as one big team. This led to a battle between Angelo and Kenny, who each proclaimed, out loud, that they wanted to be the big dog, the alpha male, the guy who had to take control. And it not only slowed down the process, but pissed off everyone else in the room. Finally they agreed to break into teams of two, since each chef would be responsible for one aspect of the meal anyway. They also agreed to have the same pairings as last week, something that irked Ed because he didn’t want to work with Alex again.

Tim and Kelly got into an argument over the fact that Tim took too many vegetables and left Kelly with nothing, but Kelly was allowed to take beets and left Tim with all of the turnips. Then Kenny knocked over Kevin’s cauliflower cous cous. Sounds disgusting anyway! Anyway, Kevin wasn’t fazed, and started over using broccoli instead.
And oh yeah, Angelo was commenting about Tamehsa’s cherry sauce and even called it “sexy.” Come on dude, dial it back a bit.

Colicchio was acting like Simon Cowell through most of the meal, really berating most of the chefs for not taking basic rudimentary things into account when making their dishes.

So at the judges’ table, they first asked to see Kevin, Kenny, Kelly and Andrea. Kevin made that broccoli cous cous, which the judges actually thought was delicious. Go figure. Kenny made a curried eggplant that the judges were just raving about. Kelly made roasted beets and apples, and even decided to make a dessert for bonus points–strawberry rhubarb crisp with basil whipped cream, which the judges loved. Andrea made a pork loin that also went over really well.

The bottom three were Amanda, Tim and Stephen. Amanda made a minestrone soup, and was saying stuff like, “Progresso, eat your heart out.” Ha! She then proceeded to not cut the vegetables uniformly, making her carrots three times the size of the other veggies, and therefore not cooking them enough. Oops. Tim was going to make a turnip puree but wound up just serving roasted cubed turnips. The judges thought this was a bad move. And Stephen made a salad, and claimed that it was an awesome salad with lots of ingredients and big flavors. The judges, however, thought it was a weighted down bunch of vegetables that were wilted from too much dressing. You just had the feeling that was going to be the reaction for one of these chefs making a freaking salad in an elimination challenge.

So who would it be? Tim……dude just hasn’t shown quite enough these first few weeks. But seriously, Amanda and Stephen are going to be right behind in heading to the exit.

What do you think? Who do you like so far? I’m having a hard time not pulling for Kenny. He may be trying to act like a top dog, but he’s not obnoxious about it whatsoever. Thanks for reading and see you all next week!