Think of this as the cinematic equivalent of cold pizza, which can be a surprisingly delicious breakfast. What follows, then are some trailers I’ve been meaning to run all week but haven’t had the opportunity as yet.

We’ll start with the latest trailer for Christopher Nolan’s much anticipated “Inception.” This Philip K. Dickish tale seems to be summer’s best hope for a quality megablockbuster and, if it fails to deliver, there are going to a lot of disappointed movie fans and film studio folks.

On the other hand, as per the Playlist, the no one seems to be expecting much of anything at all from the WWII-era historical/political thriller which I’m pretty sure is trying (too) hard to evoke “Casablanca,” “Shanghai.” I’m basically running this just because of the film’s extraordinary cast including three of the Asia’s greatest acting exports — Chow Yun Fat, Gong Li, and Ken Watanabe with the requisite white people being John Cusack, Franka Potente and David Morse. (Who you know will turn out to be the main villain, I think it’s a rule now.) With this cast, it’s tempting to give this one the benefit of the doubt, even if the trailer isn’t too inspiring.

Also via the Playlist, comes this awfully pretentious promotional trailer for the, I’m guessing, deeply pretentious or possibly just morose-for-the-sake-of-being-morose new movie from the inevitably difficult to type (I copy and paste), Alejandro González Iñárritu. He’s a director I have grown increasingly impatient with since “Amores Perros” has given way to increasingly “important,” overwrought histrionic-laden dramas that make his dark but occasionally funny debut look like a romp by comparison. “Biutiful,” got a very divided reception indeed at Cannes. See if you find this trailer as precious as I do, or maybe I’m just projecting my prejudices onto it. At least everyone seems to agree that Javiar Bardem is great in the movie. He’s always great, however.