We’re really getting down to the wire on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” and last night the final four of Ashley, Daris, Mike and Koli were sent home for 30 days. During that time, they would hang out with family and friends and get back to a normal or semi-normal lifestyle. Of course, they would go back to the ranch to weigh in one last time, after having run or walked a full marathon — just like in the last two seasons.

They each got to weigh in in front of their home crowds, just as they did before they left for the ranch 5-6 months ago. Daris lost 151 pounds, Ashley 143, Koli 172, and Mike a whopping 204. Awesome.

As they started the race, Daris took off and Koli was a bit behind him. Ashley and Mike decided they would team up and walk/run together. Along the way, former contestants were on hand to pair up with each current contestant–Matt Hoover with Daris, Sione Fa with Koli, Ali Vincent with Ashley, and Mike Morelli with Mike. Daris, despite a bum knee, finished the race in 4 hours, 2 minutes, a Biggest Loser record. Koli was second and Mike and Ashley, despite walking a good part of it, finished just 20 minutes behind Koli, in the 6:30 range.

At the weigh in, two of them would be guaranteed a spot in the finale, and two of them would fall below the yellow line and have America decide their fate. Mike went first and lost 23 pounds, bringing down to 299. It was a 7.14% weight loss. Koli was next and lost 13 pounds, or 5.63%. Ashley lost 18, or 7.79%, and she was guaranteed a spot in the finale and at the title. Koli fell below the line, however. Then Daris was next, and he GAINED two pounds. Yikes. He said something about training for the marathon and forgetting to eat right. Bob Harper went ballistic, saying something else had to have happened.

Sure enough, Daris admitted that he didn’t eat properly during that 30 days. Every night he would binge, just like he used to do before he got really big. He must have thought running the marathon would negate that, but all it did was make him not lose what he should have lost.

So Mike and Ashley are guaranteed a shot at winning it all. Meanwhile, Koli and Daris had to plead their case to America. Honestly, I wanted Daris to win or at least have a shot at winning, but I’m extremely disappointed in him, and felt like Koli deserved a shot more than Daris did at this point. Sad, but true.

And as for who will win, I’m going with Mike. He came in as the heaviest contestant ever, and I think he’s got what it takes to win. And he will make an excellent example of a champion. We’ll see though…you surely can’t rule out Ashley, or even the other two at this point. But I think America will let Koli have that third spot.

What do you all think?