Pretty much as far back as I can remember, I’ve never been 100% sure how to take Joan Rivers. Funny or merely catty? Persecuted or bitter and paranoid? Of course, all of that may be true but just where I ultimately come down on her is still a question. Maybe the aptly titled and well-buzzed about biographical documentary, the upcoming “A Piece of Work,” might answer some of those questions, maybe.

Below, via /Film, is the trailer and some interesting Sundance Q&A excerpts.

And now for a bonus after the flip.

It’s not something you hear that much about and for a reason, but Joan Rivers once tried her hand at directing movies. Following a critically acclaimed 1973 ABC Movie of the Week written by her — the still well regarded “The Girl Most Likely To” starring Stockard Channing and Ed Asner — she recruited a young comic named Billy Crystal to star in a comedy about the world’s first pregnant man. Not to be too blunt about it, but 1978’s “Rabbit Test” was pretty much universally regarded as a disaster and still pretty much is, if its IMDb ratings and reviews are any indication. Nevertheless, here’s the trailer.

Hey, you can’t blame someone for trying. Sadly, I couldn’t find anything on “The Girl Most Likely To.”