Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” began with Ashley, Mike and Daris saying that they were now the larger alliance with Koli and Sunshine now not having their teammates there. Koli was pissed, saying they should have voted Mike off because he was a way bigger threat than Sam. But then host Alison Sweeney delivered the news that would send a shock wave through the final five–there would be no yellow line this week, only a red line. That meant whoever fell below that line would be going home this week. And what a great way to break up the alliances and thwart the game play!

Two former show champs were back on hand to mentor the contestants this week–Helen Phillips from two seasons ago and Erik Chopin from Season 3. Helen still looks great, but Eric, as most of us already know, re-gained most of his weight back before losing 70 pounds and getting back on track.

Then the challenge this week was a repeat challenge from a couple seasons ago, when they had to carry the weight they’ve lost so far up and down hills of sand and drop each week’s weight that they’ve lost so far. The winner would win $10K….damn! Daris won by a lot, even shattering Tara’s time from two seasons ago. But then Alison offered Daris a deal–trade in the $10K for a one pound advantage this week, and Daris wisely chose the 1 pound.

Then they had a bit of product placement, with Bob Harper taking the crew shopping with Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo, who was pimping his line of workout gear. But Romo stayed with them to work out, which was pretty cool (Go Giants!).

After a bunch of whining and crying from Mike, and videos that showed each of their journey’s thus far, and a last chance workout, it was time for the big weigh in. Alison announced that the person with the highest percentage of weight loss this week would win Curtis Stone coming to their house to cook for them.

Mike went first and lost a whopping 12 pounds, bringing his weight loss this season to an unreal 204 pounds, down from 526 to 322. Koli was next and lost 13 pounds, amazing considering he lost 15 last week! Daris was next and lost 10, making it 11 with the one pound advantage, and a 5.37% weight loss. Ashley was next and lost 7 pounds, putting her at the bottom and making Mike safe along with Koli and Daris. It was down to Sunshine, and she lost only 2 pounds, sending her home immediately and sending Ashley to the final four.

So that’s it…all that trash talk from Sunshine about making the final four was bogus. It’s now down to four very legitimate contenders–Mike, Koli, Ashley and Daris. They have lost 204, 172, 143 and 151 pounds, respectively and are all very, very strong.

Next week they will go home for 30 days and then the two with the lowest percentage of weight loss will vie for that third and final spot in the finale, with America voting, as they’ve done the last few years. It should be interesting…but I still like Mike or Daris to win it all. I respect Koli and what he’s done, but he’s annoying. And I just don’t think Ashley has the drive of everyone else. We’ll see….what do you all think?