It’s getting down to the wire on “American Idol,” to the point where it gets to be a bit unpredictable who might be sent home. I admitted yesterday that I had no idea who would be getting cut last night, and I was mildly surprised by the outcome. However, I did think this person was the worst of Tuesday night.

The show began with the first of many performances, as country superstars Rascal Flatts performed their new single, “Unstoppable.” I’ve never really understood why this band is so huge, and that was confirmed again last night….I don’t get the appeal. The song was pretty bad, too. But okay.

Next up, Ryan Seacrest plugged himself and the new Shrek movie, and the contestants had the opportunity to see a private screening of the film. Again, blah blah blah. These results shows are really, really long.

Then it was time to announce the Bottom 3. Seacrest had the finalists line up in groups of two…Siobhan/Lee, Aaron/Crystal, and Mike/Casey. He then had Siobhan join Mike and Casey, and that was your Bottom 3. Crystal, Lee and Aaron, all safe.

Then Carrie Underwood was there live to announce the next band, Sons of Sylvia. Carrie will be touring with this band, but she professed her musical love for them. And they weren’t bad at all….Mrs. Mike said they sounded like a country Kings of Leon, and that was pretty much right on….Kings of Leon with fiddles and mandolins. The song was really good, too.

Next up, Lady Antebellum, and they were pretty good too. Maybe I don’t hate all mainstream country music, after all. After that, it was Rascal Flatts again, performing with Shakira. Now, that was a weird combination. Still not a fan, and not really a fan of Shakira either….I keep wanting to hit the mute button whenever she sings in that weird, vibrato laced style.

Finally, the results. Michael Lynche, safe. The judges pat themselves on the back again for saving him. Down to Casey and Siobhan. Siobhan Magnus, you are going home. I had picked her as a dark horse and I believe Simon used those exact words early on, but something happened to Siobhan. She kept getting screechier and took too many chances. And America just got tired of the Adam Lambert screams. So even though the judges were enamored with those screams, America stamped a veto on that one, and they did the right thing.

So now we’re down to five! Crystal, the only female….and Casey, Mike, Aaron and Lee. I’m sticking to my guns here…it’s gonna be Lee and Crystal, but America might pull a Melinda Doolittle on Crystal at some point. So really, it’s anyone’s game.

What do you think? See you all next week, when we’ll have the music of Frank Sinatra with guest mentor Harry Connick, Jr.