Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” it hit me. There were 8 contestants remaining, and this season is dragging on like no other season before. It feels like we’re all trudging through the mud. But there was an interesting twist again. The show began with host Alison Sweeney offering up a temptation challenge. For this one day, the kitchen was closed and the contestants had to eat in this one room where there was healthy food as well as really unhealthy food. Whoever consumed the most calories this day would have the only vote at the weigh in, assuming that person didn’t fall below the yellow line. If they did, the voting would be like it normally is.

Koli consumed 4164 calories, making sure he won by a mile, and he did. Most of the others just ate healthy like they have been so far. Naturally, Bob and Jillian were pissed at Koli, but they helped him work off the calories. And Koli’s reasoning was he wanted to make sure Sam didn’t get voted off this week. Still, eating that many calories was risky.

Then came the main challenge, in which the contestants had to pile up colored bricks in order to make a “ladder” and then they had to climb a real ladder that was suspended in mid air and grab a flag at the top. The winner would have a 1 pound advantage this week while the person who came in last would have a 1 pound disadvantage. Daris won the challenge and O’Neal, because he fell and hurt his knee, finished last. But he came back after a short hospital visit.

Then the contestants were shuttled to the beach where they had a grueling, intense workout led by volleyball star Gabi Reese. Is that woman seven feet tall? Man, she’s big! But she sure can lead a workout.

O’Neal’s week then got worse when he found out his brother, who had been suffering from cancer, passed away. Jillian and Bob helped him cope and helped him take out his frustration and sadness in workout fashion.

Then, after forwarding through the last chance workout (sorry NBC), it was time to weigh in. Koli went first and lost 10 pounds, securing the likelihood of his having the only vote. Daris was next and lost 7 pounds, or 8, considering he won an extra pound in the challenge. Mike lost 5 pounds and Ashley 4. Sam lost 6, all but guaranteeing he would not be below the yellow line. Victoria lost 1 pound, all but assuring she WOULD be below the line. O’Neal was next, and you know all of America was pulling for the guy. He lost 8 pounds, or 7, considering his one pound penalty. Sunshine was up last, and she lost just 1 pound, putting her and Victoria below the line. Yikes, would O’Neal’s week become worse?

Well, Koli had his vote and he felt kind of bad that he had to choose between Sunshine and Victoria, but since everyone in the house now is not really a game player, you kind of knew he’d choose Victoria. And he did, citing that she hasn’t quite given 100% effort lately in the gym. She was taken aback, but Koli was right.

Victoria went home to Texas and has so far gone from 358 pounds to 240. Good for her! But now we are down to the final 7….the teams of Koli and Sam, O’Neal and Sunshine…and Michael, Ashley and Daris.
I think Daris is a dark horse here and would be a likable champion…but there are several episodes left. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of this season dragging, and I hope it doesn’t wind up going into June like the NBA playoffs!

See you next week everyone, and thanks for reading….