We’re only three episodes away from the series finale, so why does it feel like tonight’s episode didn’t accomplish as much as it should have? There were no major reveals, and with the exception of the various Earth-2 subplots, no major story development either. There was quite a bit of crossover action on Earth-2, however, with Locke and Sun both arriving at the hospital at the same time. Though neither character was given much attention beyond that opening scene (we later learned that Sun and the baby are just fine, while Locke went under the knife), the most interesting bit about their “meeting” was just how scared Sun looked at the sight of him, horrifically exclaiming “It’s him! It’s him!” I don’t remember Sun ever having flashes of her Earth-1 life, so I don’t understand a) why she’s so scared of Locke all of a sudden, and b) how she even knows who he is.

They weren’t the only two that crossed paths, either. Desmond continued his quest to make the Losties aware of their Bizarro selves by tracking down Claire on her way to the adoption agency. Obviously, he already knew that Jack would be in the same building for an appointment with his lawyer, Ilana, to discuss his father’s will, so all it took was a suggestion from Desmond that Claire should consider seeking council in order to get them in the same room. Neither one had a moment of clairvoyance like Desmond probably believed they would, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of that in the following weeks. For the time being, Jack has to run off to the hospital for an emergency surgery on a familiar face, and all points lead to him fixing Locke’s back so that he can walk again. Maybe Locke will have a happy ending after all.


Then again, if Earth-2 is supposed to be about people getting their happy ending, then why are Kate and Sayid both in police custody? Granted, with all the talk about how Kate didn’t actually commit the murder she’s been accused of, I’m sure she’ll manage to get out of her current predictament and even end up with the cop that captured her, but how in the world is Sayid going to get out of this one? Sure, the guys he killed were bad, but no one else knows that – except for Jin, who, as chance would have it, can’t speak English. Something as simple as a language barrier would obviously never get in the way of a police investigation, but it’s enough to cause Sayid to sweat while he waits for someone to come to his rescue.

Back on Earth-1, Sayid has more pressing matters to worry about. Like, for instance, what Smokey’s going to do to him when he discovers that he didn’t kill Desmond as ordered. Though the writers were smart not to reveal whether or not Sayid actually pulled the trigger, I find it difficult to believe that Desmond would be disposed of so easily – and off screen, no less. Sawyer might think he’s a lost cause, but I think that there’s still hope for Sayid yet, who obviously still has a conscience despite how much of a zombie he appears to be. The same goes for Claire, who decides to join Sawyer and the others when they sneak away from Smokey and head for Widmore’s camp by boat, but not before warning them that he’s going to be pissed off when he discovers they’ve switched allegiances.

An optimist would probably say that it was a good decision on their part considering they avoided the mass bombing of the main island by Widmore’s people, but the fact that they’re being treated like prisoners by Widmore isn’t too encouraging. It also put a damper on the long-awaited reunion between Sun and Jin, although at least the former finally has her voice back. Jack has the worst luck of them all, however, as he was knocked unconscious by the explosions almost immediately after swimming back to shore following his decision to jump ship. And for as annoying as Jack can be sometimes with his flip-flopping philosophies, you have to admit that he has a point about them being on the island for a reason.

Of course, if they were brought there for the sole purpose of preventing the Man in Black from leaving the island, then it seems a bit paradoxical on the part of Jacob. After all, if they had never been brought there in the first place, then they never would have returned, Smokey would have never assumed Locke’s likeness, and therefore never been able to convince Ben to kill Jacob. There’s just no way it’s that simple. At least, I sure hope not.