The unexpected return of Kaitlyn Flynn to Grace’s circle of friends was…well, not that unexpected, really, since her appearance in the “previously on” segment clearly indicated that we’d be seeing that storyline rearing its head again this week. Still, I knew the tension between Jackie and Kaitlyn’s mom would be revisited at some point, given the way it was clearly underlined that Kevin had had some sort of history with Ginny Flynn was surprised to see that “I was wrong, you were right” look appear on Jackie’s face when Kevin reminded her that Grace needs to hang out with her friends, but given that Grace’s list of friends is only one name long, I guess she had no choice but to concede the point. It sure came back to bite her in the ass, though…and, of course, the nose as well. Is any doubt that Kaitlyn will report back to her mother what she witnessed? Jackie’s judgment is obviously less than sound when dealing with Ginny, but it struck me as an astonishingly poor plan to dump the casserole into the trash right in front of the girls, especially knowing full well that Ginny doesn’t do well with things like lying and, uh, fitting in with her peers.

Oh, man: how sad is it that Coop’s buying Ramen noodles for dinner? The camera didn’t go out of its way to focus on his choice of food, but I’d know a package of those anywhere. (Hand on heart, I’m eating a bowl of them as I write this very blog…which, come to think of it, is pretty tragic in and of itself.) Between his one-man meals, his overemphasis on how many folks on Twitter are following his every move, and his repeated reminders to Eddie that he’s there for him if he needs to talk, it’s clear that Cooper’s life is pretty pitiful these days…almost, it seems, as pitiful as Eddie’s. (The way he grills Coop about who’s spreading the word about his supposed suicide attempt, you can tell that he wants to find any possible excuse to hate Jackie.) I hope making the list of the 25 Best Doctors in Manhattan pays off for Coop…and not just because he spent money on a publicist to earn his position. At this rate, the guy’s going to fall into a serious depression way sooner than later.

What is it about medical shows that they feel obliged to make their male viewers squirm for all they’re worth…or am I the only one who reacted that way at the below-the-waist issues of the dog-bite victim? Mind you, it took a little bit of the sting away when his wife’s first reaction to her husband’s injuries was to muse, “I’ll probably be banned from the kennel club for life…” Thank God we didn’t get a shot of the guy whose cell phone blew up in his face…

Jackie’s really not paying much attention to what’s going on around her: first Kaitlyn busts her snorting drugs, and then Zoe catches her trying to use her PIN to get drugs out of the Pill-O-Matix. She’s also growing even more hypocritical this season that she was in the last, such as claiming at one point in the episode that “we don’t take pills in our family,” then later snorting drugs in the bathroom stall and emerging to tell the nursing mother swigging vodka by the sink that “if you’re gonna drink, you’ve gotta do it outside.” We’re shaping up to see her take a big fall sooner than later, and there’s going to be a whole lot of denial going on when it happens.

We didn’t get a whole lot of development with the subsidiary characters this week, though. Zoe’s wearing eyeshadow and perfume and people are noticing and wanting to know why, but it takes Eleanor’s direct question – “Who is he?” – to get any semblance of an answer out of her: there’s a party, and a particular person of interest will be in attendance. Sam turns up just long enough for Jackie to bitch at him, but his reaction to said bitching was priceless. (“You are going to bust my balls every chance you get!”) Similarly, Thor only had a chance to deliver a single laugh this week, with Zoe calling him on his 3-time use of a dated O.J. joke, resulting in his snippy reply, “Oh, like your material’s so fresh…” But I really liked the scene where Akalitis and Eleanor bond over the latter’s utter annoyance at being left off the 25 Doctors list, particularly when Akalitis read Eleanor’s mind and told her exactly what she was asking herself: “What is my incentive to keep bringing my best?” It was a nice touch to have Eleanor spend the episode complaining about America’s obsession with lists, only to respond to her placement on Akalitis’s top-5 list by demanding, “Who are the other four?”

Awesome ending, with Jackie walking into the house to find Eddie sitting on the floor, playing with her kids. Edie Falco’s expression was priceless. Can’t wait to see how things pick up next week.

Random observations:

* I can appreciate that Kevin’s not into the idea of having to deal with the strings that might be attached to Eleanor’s money for the girls’ education, but it struck me as rather pigheaded. I mean, it’s their education. Personally, I make a lot of exceptions to my personal rules where my daughter is concerned. You’ve got to do what’s best for your kids, right?

* I laughed out loud at the cut from Kevin agreeing to Jackie’s assessment that he’s a good dad to Jackie snorting drugs. Well, at least the kids have one good parent…

* Also funny: Coop’s attempt to act bad-ass while delivering the line, “I will crush her!”

* I loved the ihe incredibly un-casual way Coop literally dumped the copy of New York Magazine into Eleanor and Jackie’s laps, as well as Eleanor’s subsequent outrage that she didn’t make the list of the 25 Best Doctors in Manhattan.

* Did you pay attention to the almost-throwaway line from Jackie in the middle of her back-and-forth with the wife of the dog-bite victim – “We don’t take pills in our family” – and how, when it was countered, it led Jackie to offer a particularly nasty delivery when revealing the patient’s testicular-migration woes.

* Akalitis’s best quote this week: “I like to hide my humanity…or least keep it to a minimum.”