“The Biggest Loser” has a history and a tendency to throw curveballs at us. But last night they took things to extremes. First, host Allison Sweeney started off live by telling us there would be a weigh in at the end of the episode, but not of a current contestant. Instead, it would be a viewer of the show who has been inspired to lose a lot of weight. Then, the nine contestants were ushered into the gym, where they would be congratulated for getting this far, and given their individual colors back since there would be no more blue team vs. black team.

Then things got really interesting. All of the contestants this season who have been eliminated were brought back in, and one of them would be allowed back into the game. Here we go again, right? Well, it was even crazier than you may have thought. Each eliminated contestant weighed in, but the weight wouldn’t get them back….instead, the remaining contestants on the ranch would vote for who they wanted to come back.

Darrell has lost 104 pounds….Sherry 62 pounds, Miggy 49, Vicky 73, Melissa 51, Lance 91, Cheryl 51, John 85, Patti 46, Maria 57, James 72 and Cherita 47. Each one got to plead their case and they each did, except for Cherita who pleaded for her daughter Vicky to have a chance on the ranch. You may remember they were sent home the first day, and then again when the yellow team beat them at the chance to return a month later. So while Vicky had a sympathy vote, John was a friend and favorite of many of those remaining. It was close, and aside from Darrell and James each garnering one vote, Vicky had four votes to John’s three. Vicky was back in!

But wait, there’s more. The rest of the eliminated contestants would have a challenge to determine one more that could return. Come on, already! The challenge was who could do 1000 steps the fastest. Melissa was determined to win from the start, with Miggy also being competitive. But let’s face it…..we know the producers were just looking for a way to get Melissa back on the ranch since there had been a lack of gameplay in recent weeks. To accentuate that fact, Melissa and Vicky had immunity this week. Then came more drama….Ashley accused Stephanie of throwing a recent weigh in to send Ashley’s mom, Sherry, home. This seemed a bit far-fetched but there is something sneaky about Stephanie.

Then after TiVo’ing through the last chance workouts, it was time for the weigh in. Vicky was first and lost 2 pounds, and Melissa lost 4. For the moment, Melissa wasn’t playing the game, and both of them were immune, so wiped off the board.

O’Neal was next and lost 4 pounds, followed by Ashley who lost 5. Michael lost 8, Koli 6 and Drea 5. Daris lost 7, and then Sam lost 2. Uh-oh. Sunshine, who kept claiming she would be going to the Final 4, lost 6, putting her money where her mouth was. Stephanie lost 1 pound, putting her and Sam below the yellow line. This was sort of inevitable, because Sam lost 14 pounds the previous week while Stephanie had lost 9.

But let’s face it, Stephanie has dodged a bullet a few times recently, and Sam is a bit too popular to be sent home now. So after Koli voted for Stephanie and Melissa voted for Sam, Stephanie received the next four votes and was sent home. I think that was the right way to go, and it was time for Stephanie to go home and begin vying for the $100K at-home prize. That is, unless they bring her back again (note sarcasm).

Then it was time to bring home the inspired home viewer, Wayne. Wayne began his journey at a whopping 674 pounds, and he stepped on the scale looking like a shell of his former self. He now weighs 256, down an unbelievable 418 total pounds. Wow. Of course, Mrs. Mike noted that Allison was overly dramatic about the whole thing.

Okay, so now we’ve gone from 9 finalists to 11 and then back to 10. And Melissa is back. Ugh. I can’t stand how almost every season the producers of this show try hard to make it about gameplay. I know the show helps people lose weight, get healthy and get their lives back on track. But sometimes they throw so many curveballs that it gets difficult to keep track of without a calculator.

Regardless, it’s gonna be exciting over the next two months to see how it all shakes out. What do you think? Are you annoyed by the curves too? Let me know and then we’ll meet back here next week!