If “The Biggest Loser” has taught us something besides how to lose weight in a healthy manner, it’s that karma is alive and well in every walk of life. A few years back, Vicky and Brady got what was coming to them by not winning the cash they coveted so badly, despite stepping on everyone’s collective toe to try and win. This season, it’s Lance and Melissa who are competitive to the point of being obnoxious, and it came back to bite them last night.

The episode began with host Alison Sweeney telling them all they’d be going home for a week. But when they each got home, they were greeted by both their families and a crate from the show. The crated contained a stationary bike and some cupcakes and a DVD. These contestants would have to bike 26.2 miles like they did when this season began, against each other, and they could add 5 minutes to someone else’s time by eating a 100 calorie cupcake.

Lance ate 17 cupcakes, with Melissa barking at him the whole time to add time to Sam. That’s (yikes) 1700 calories! He game Sam most of the extra time, but also gave some cupcake time to Daris and Stephanie. Michael ate 6 cupcakes and also gave some to Sam. Drea ate 9, giving them to Sam and Sunshine. Of course, Sam led the whole way and won the race, but with all of the cupcakes adding time to his time, he wound up in 8th place. In real time, Koli was second and Lance third, with 21 seconds separating them. And guess what? Nobody hit Koli with a cupcake penalty! So he won, and Lance could only shake his head, because the grand prize for Koli was $10K for this victory. Good for him.

After the last chance workout, it was time to weigh in. It would be interesting this week, because going home sometimes is difficult for competitors in this game.

The blue team went first this week. O’Neal lost 7 pounds, bringing him below 300 for the first time (295). Sunshine lost 8 pounds, followed by Lance with 8, Michael with 8, Koli with 10 and Daris with 4. Daris has lost 102 pounds in 10 weeks but was bummed about only losing 4 this week The total, 45 pounds for the blue team, or 2.58%.

The black team, or what remains of them, was next. Drea lost 6 pounds, followed by Stephanie with 9, and Ashley with 10. Wow. They only had to lose more than 26 pounds, so Sam needed just 2 pounds to lead his team to victory. He lost a whopping 14 pounds, giving the black team a resounding win this week, 39 pounds, or 3.86%.

After Michael and a few of the other blue team members all stated to each other how they wanted to stay, it was time to vote. Sunshine had the highest percentage of weight loss on her team, so she was immune. Koli went first and voted for Lance, saying something about how “doubt spreads like cancer.” Lance had been doubting himself all week but this had more to do with the cupcakes I think. Michael voted for Lance, and Lance voted for Michael. O’Neal voted for Lance, and so did Daris, sending the big Texan home. Yep, there is that karma thing again.

Still, Lance has done well at home, going from 365 starting weight to 265, losing 100 pounds overall. He and Melissa have gotten their lives back, but they still blew it by trying to play the game too much. It gets them every time on this show.

So we’re down to 9 contestants left, and you know that twist or team change is coming soon. I know we had the Olympics pre-empt the show for 2 weeks, but do you all think it’s dragging too?

See you next week!