Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the premise of this quasi-sequel to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” from director Nicholas Stoller is a direct lift from the very funny 1982 period comedy hit, “My Favorite Year.” That film had a pre-“Perfect Strangers” Mark Linn-Baker as a schlubby, young not-Mel Brooks, circa mid-1950s, trying to ensure that Peter O’Toole as a middle-aged and almost perpetually drunk not-Errol Flynn shows up in front of live television cameras on time for a show which is not Sid Ceasar’s “Your Show of Your Shows.”

Now it’s 2010, and British comic Russell Brand’s perpetually stoned rock star, Aldous Snow, has gone downhill a bit since his Hawaiian vacation¬† of ’08 and needs some help in getting to a crucial live performance. This time, it’s coming from Jonah Hill as an ambitious music biz neophyte in way over his head.

This is fairly similar to an earlier trailer, which was an equal mix of funny to less-than-hilarious, but with far more penis references and all-around cursing.

Some of the gags could be sharper, but I’m still interested. Sean Combs is even funnier than his choice of nick-names. I’ve seen more than enough lame trailers for movies that turned out to be comedy gold, and vice-versa, that for all I know this could turn out as funny as the film it borrows its premise from.

“My Favorite Year” was no classic, but it featured a real performance-for-the-ages from O’Toole while Linn-Baker held his own, which was achievement enough. The interesting switch is that, this time,¬† Hill and Russell are fairly evenly matched talents and viewers of “Sarah Marshall” know the two have an unusual chemistry. I just wish they could have figured out a way to have Hill be reprising his character from the earlier movie the way Brand is. Why couldn’t Matthew the musically obsessed waiter become Matthew the budding A&R guy?

Via AICN and the Playlist.