It’s happened many times in the past: a character is introduced to a television series as a one-off, but because of either fan interest of a burst of creativity from the show’s writers, they’re brought back. Sometimes they become a recurring character, but in some cases, they go on to become a full-fledged series regular. Such was the case with Kimber Henry, Kelly Carlson’s character on the long-running FX series “Nip/Tuck.” Kimber made her debut in the show’s pilot episode, but by Season 3, she was officially considered to be part of the main cast right up until the show’s final season, when she bowed out, so to speak. Now that “Nip/Tuck” is wrapping up, Bullz-Eye was able to chat with Carlson about her character’s legacy, including how Kimber grew in prominence, the way she came to her end, and, of course, all the sordid stuff that went on in between.

* On Kimber’s evolution from the pilot: “When you take a character like that, with not much background and history, it starts in the eyes, you know what I mean? And that’s simply what I just tried to do: to try and bring some depth to her, and some emotion, for the audience to connect with. Otherwise it’s boring. ‘Cute girl, yeah, who cares,’ you know? That’s not how you get your female fans. I wanted to bring some layers to her that everyone could relate to or understand.”

* On sex scenes: “Julian (McMahon), in the pilot, totally broke the ice with me the first day. The pilot was so graphic, and it was our first day working together…I mean, it was brutal. It was really an uncomfortable situation for both of us, and I had never done a love scene, but he is a funny, funny guy, and he broke the ice for us. After that, the recurring characters were much more nervous than I was. After awhile, it just became routine for me, like I was a broodmare or something!”

* On Kimber’s death: “I wouldn’t have wanted a happy sendoff for her, because it wouldn’t have fit her character at all. It just wouldn’t have. But I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t mind that she died at all. I think that’s absolutely appropriate. But I thought it was fairly quick. I don’t know. Visually, it wasn’t that stimulating for me to watch, so I’m lukewarm on that.”

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