One thing we always notice during the Hollywood group round on “American Idol” is that dysfunction sometimes gets in the way, making the contestants involved sound worse than they would individually. But let’s face it…working together is something any Idol hopeful has to be good at.

In all, 96 contestants made it through to this round, while 85 were eliminated. And as they broke into groups, you could already sense that some of them had their act together and some had a ton of trouble working in teams.

They kept flashing to big Mike, whose wife was having a baby back home….I can’t even imagine how that felt for him to be away from his family at that point.

Anyway, the first group they showed was Fate, with Michelle, Ashley and Charity…all three made it through. Next up was “Team Awesome,” a group featuring Big Mike, Big Seth, another Michael and Tim Urban. Big Mike an Tim made it through to the next round, which means two things….Mike has to remain in Hollywood and away from his new daughter, and the judges are smoking crack for letting Tim through. Every time I see this kid sing, I cringe, and I have no idea what they see in him.

Next up was Neopolitan, featuring Liz, Jessica and Thaddeus, and all three advanced. Then came Destiny’s Wild, with Todrick, Theri, Jareb, and Siobhan. They were okay, but the judges let all four of them advance. Then came the Mighty Rangers (really with that name?)…..a 5-person group featuring Tori, Maddie, Mark, Kimberly and Danny. Only Tori and Maddie made it through, which prompted Mark to literally cry on camera for about 5 minutes.

Next up, Phoenix…and they lost one member before they started, Cat, who walked out of the competition because she couldn’t handle the drama of group day. Nice. From that group, Jeff and Jermaine advanced while Ben and Moorea (who had made it this far last season too) went home.

Middle C was next and all of them were great–Janelle, Jermaine and Casey James……same with 3 Men and a Baby, featuring Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens and JB…for some reason I didn’t write down the fourth, but all of them advanced.

Finally, The Dreamers were up, the group that seemed to be the most dysfunctional of all, led by 28 year old Mary Towers. Mary was bossing everyone around, including the dude playing piano, and was not making any friends whatsoever. Still, she was one of three from her group that advanced.

So now we’re down to 71, as 25 more contestants went home following the group round. 12 guys and 12 girls will make up the live TV contingent, so they have lots more trimming to do next week. They didn’t show as much judge banter last night, so hopefully they will have more of that next week as they did Tuesday.

That’s it for this week, folks….see you all in Hollywood again next Wednesday!