Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” was a cliffhanger, and purposely set up that way because we’ll now have a three week hiatus due to the Winter Olympics. But it also had a few more twists and turns. First of all, at the weigh in, there would be a red line, and the person who fell below that with the lowest percentage of weight loss would be going home. Then, there would be the standard yellow line, which two more contestants would fall under and one of them would be going home.

Also, this week the contestants would be training in Colorado with the Olympic hopefuls. The first Olympic-related thing they did was to carry a torch replica along with para-Olympic contestant Allison Jones. Then they learned how the Olympic athletes ate, with all of their food having a “fuel” purpose. Then Koli from the gray team whined for about five minutes about feeling guilty that John went home last week and not him, that John deserved to be there more. Easy, dude!

Then the contestants got to work out with two Olympic skiiers, Julia Mancuso and Speedy Peterson. After that, speedskater JR Celski showed them how to work out on a slide board, which the speedskaters train on every day. They had a friendly competition to see who reached 500 “slides” first, and those three winners would have an advantage at the main challenge. Sam came in first, followed by Melissa and Sunshine.

Then for the main challenge, biathlete Kelly Underkofler led them in a challenge in which they had to run a lap (outdoors at gorgeous Garden of the Gods park) and then “shoot” at a target that represented another contestant. There were five targets next to each contestant’s name, and when all five were hit, that person was out. The winners of the previous challenge got a head start on shooting at the others’ targets. Everyone was quick to eliminate Lance, followed by Melissa, Miggy and Daris. The winner would be decided between O’Neal and Darrell, who chugged their lap and then had to shoot the other one off….O’Neal won, and what do you know? First prize AGAIN was immunity. Seriously, producers, can you quit giving this out like it’s candy? Mrs. Mike pointed out that this is unfair when there is a red line, and I agree.

Then, after a last chance workout with figure skater Rock Brubaker leading a boot camp, it was time to weigh in. They would be doing so this week as individuals, which meant one thing….an agonizingly long time to weigh them all in. Thank goodness for TiVo.

O’Neal went first and lost 8 pounds, but either way he had immunity. Michael was next, and lost 11 pounds, bringing him down to 432 when he had begun at 526. Stephanie lost 4, Sunshine 6, Koli 9, Andrea 7, Darrell 5 and Sam 12. So as of now, Darrell was in last place. Sherry was next and lost 3 pounds, followed by Ashley with 6. Daris lost 9 and has the highest percentage of weight loss among them all so far. Cheryl lost 3, which put her near the bottom with Darrell. Miggy was next and lost 7 pounds, bringing her down to 199, the first time she’s been below 200 in quite some time….Lance went next and lost 9 pounds. So it was now down to Melissa. Amazingly, Melissa GAINED a pound and automatically fell below the red line. I immediately thought, ” no gameplay this time,” but Mrs. Mike pointed out that her speech about wanting to go home and see her kids was quite well-rehearsed. Hmmmm. Bob and Jillian were mum, but I wonder what they were thinking.

So below the yellow line then was Cheryl and Darrell. But Alison announced that they would not be voted on by the others this week.
Instead, they would have an elimination, head-to-head challenge to determine who stayed. Their challenge was to balance a torch stem on their head while squatting. It looked to be excruciating, but both knew what was at stake. And then….that dreaded “To Be Continued” came across the screen. Which means we won’t know who went home until after the Olympics.

As for Melissa, she started the show at 233 and now weighs 175, down 58 pounds. Good for her, but I still wanna know if she threw this weigh in too.

So that’s it…we’ll see you back here after the Olympics!