For much of the last few weeks I’ve been steeped in cinematic depictions of Paris for an upcoming Bullz-Eye feature that will, just coincidentally, be seen about the time Pierre Morel’s upcoming action flick, named above, makes its way into theaters. Taking a look at these trailers (one redbanded for cursing a big of hard-edged gun violence), I can safely say that none of the movies we covered is quite in the same category.

Also, while I’m still somewhat unsold that Morel is the guy to take on “Dune,” and I’m a bit curious about the politics here, for what it’s worth, he does have a nice way with an action scene, and he’s studied his John Woo a bit. That’s a good thing for an action director to do.

Okay, so that last line wasn’t on a par with “Tuco’s advice,” but still, some reasonably effective mayhem there.