I’m not exactly the first with this but, via Anne Thompson, below we have the first trailer for the movie I declared last week to be a sure thing for the most controversial comic book film of 2010. Hey, I can remember a time when the MPAA might not have allowed this title, but it’s a new age when people say “shit” on award-winning basic cable television programs and no one even notices. Of course, a mild vulgarism in the title won’t be the reason this will be controversial, especially if any violent incidents happen to coincide with its release next April.

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Ms. Thompson, who hasn’t seen it yet beyond the clips that were shown at Comicon last summer, says the current buzz is maybe a bit mixed on the actual film, but the response to this brief trailer is good. It certainly works for me as far as it goes, and it does a great job of setting up the premise.

You can see the trailer in high-definition at the official website.

There’s also a new poster. I tend to think most modern movie posters aren’t very good and are way too literal minded, but this one takes being literal to an interesting place. Check it out after the jump.