These two volumes of the Cartoon Network series are wonderful in every which way. Adapted from the popular children’s books by Roger Hargreaves, “The Mr. Men Show” is an eleven-minute (per episode) excursion featuring all the favorite book characters, with a few new ones thrown in (and some genders changed for others). Kicking off with one of the snappiest theme tunes in a long time, each episode is centered around a specific subject, such as “Science,” “Dillydale Day,” “Mall,” and “Wildlife.” Jokes, sight gags, and general slapstick humor abound, making it charming for not only the younger crowd but the older viewers as well who will no doubt be won over by the retro-funkiness and rapid-fire approach the show takes. Each DVD contains six episodes and also comes with a special Mr. Men or Little Miss paperback book. DVD extras include games, how to draw different Mr. Men characters, dance segments, and lots more. “The Mr. Men Show” brings to mind the headiness of great ’70s Saturday morning toons while remaining thoroughly modern and refreshing for any age.