As discussed in my last post, more “everything old is new again” stories flitting about…

* There was a time in Hollywood history when A-list actresses, too, could draw at the box office well into their maturity, just like A-list males. If we’re talking about Meryl Steep that time is now. For myself, I can say that I only appreciate Ms. Streep more each year, especially since she’s had the chance to show her comic side.

* A political flash from the past. Nikki Finke relays the news that a quartet of heavyweight thesps — Benicio del Toro, Bill Murray, Robert Duvall, and James Caan — are paying a visit to Cuba. It used to be that such visits would be painted as Hollywood liberals endorsing a communist dictatorship, part of the endless “who’s more hypocritical?” aspect of the liberal-conservative culture wars. As the possibility of more open relations with the island continues to grow, this is no longer really possible. Especially considering that Robert Duvall is a fairly outspoken Republican. Damn those Hollywood limousine conservatives.

* Speaking of politics, today is the anniversary of the old Breen Office Production Code, which is the reason all those black and white movies have to use code to even hint at anything relating to sex or other basic realities. Aaron Hillis Mick LaSalle has a lengthy and worthwhile history and analysis I’m nevertheless not sure I completely agree with. From last year, the Self-Styled Siren, queen of retro film bloggers, has a shorter one I do agree with, pretty completely.

* The break-up of Reed-Elsevier publishing isn’t directly a movie story, but it does have a sadly familiar ring.

* On a far more positive note, two of our most indispensable online movie resources are making positive news and finding inviting new homes.

After a brief hiatus, the very cool David Hudson, who compiles in vast detail just about everything cinematic with a very slight bias toward the more cinephiliac/international/indie-arty/analytic side of the movie world is now doing his thing at The Auteurs. (H/t Karina Longworth) David’s role in the online movie community can’t be understated, so this is great news.

Anne Thompson, a great reporter whose pretty cool herself and a terrific reporter and writer, has written her last post at Variety and is about to be reconstituted over at Indiewire, early next week, I imagine.