Things may be somewhat winding down as the con’s final day unspools, but there was plenty of big movie stuff yesterday.

* I attended part of a live event that was basically the equivalent of a nifty Blu-Ray disc feature for the “Watchmen” director’s cut Blu-Ray disc, in which director Zack Snyder (“300“) performed a live commentary that was really more of an Q&A with users of the “BD Live” feature for the disc and audience members. What I saw didn’t quite rock my world in terms of the level of discussion. When asked whether the Comedian is a good guy or a bad guy, his answer was words to the effect of “I don’t know. That’s kind of the point.” Things were also light in terms of techno-geekery, slightly to my disappointment and slightly to my relief.

Here’s what bugs me, rightly or wrongly: Snyder has basically finished making two huge comic-book adaptations from opposite sides of the political spectrum — not necessarily overtly, but very clearly in their background — and he hasn’t seemed to notice. I’m a political animal by nature, so that kind of baffles me. Not everybody has to be super-political, but morality and politics is very much at the heart of “Watchmen” at least, and I don’t know how you can make the film without having more of a position on it. Also, Snyder says he hasn’t decided whether or not Veidt/Ozymandias is gay or whether Rorschach might have issues there as well. I’m not saying he had to publicly out any fictional characters, but it’s sort of conventional wisdom (and wise wisdom, I think) that a writer or a director should know that kind of detail for himself about major characters in his film, much as the actors also need to , though sometimes they can make differing calls on those matters. It has to do with committing.

There was also some mention, and free XL polyester t-shirts, for Snyder’s new project, “Sucker Punch.”

* I also saw part of a panel on the upcoming blaxploitation parody, “Black Dynamite,” hosted by critic Elvis Mitchell and featuring director Scott Sanders, cowriter-stars Michael Jai White and Byron Mins, and talented leading lady Salli Richardson. I had to leave early, but it certainly whetted my appetite for more…and I’ve actually seen the movie.

* The big event yesterday, which I was nowhere near, was the “Ironman 2” panel with star Robert Downey, Jr. and director Jon Favreau. Accounts are all over the web. They differ on certain fine points but, like this one, they mostly mention a jokingly bad trailer Favreau’s team put together, a bit from the real film involving Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and the famed Randy’s Donuts, and quips by Downey on his new villain/costar, Mickey Rourke, including: “I thought I was eccentric.”

* It eluded my consciousness earlier, that a kind of supergeek cinema summit meeting happened on Friday between LOTR meister Peter Jackson and Terminator-Titanic dude James Cameron. Anne Thompson has video. I can’t watch it right now because of the slowness of the connections available, but you can and probably should. Ms. Thompson also has a video interview with Cameron, one-on-one.