Gambon is Dumbledore!* The weekend hasn’t even started in terms of box office reporting, but “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is already netting huge deposits for Gringott’s. Variety is estimating an “$80.1 million domestic cume” and $125.9 million worldwide. And I can remember when only geezers were named “Harry.”

* Charlie Matthau is dipping into the frequently profitable writing well of the frequently adapted author Elmore Leonard, with “Freaky Deaky.”

* Entertainment newshound Nikki Finke has a funny idea of taking a vacation, because her blog is still being updated by her rather heavily for someone whose supposed to be taking it easy (well, you don’t get that famed $14 million pay day by being all easygoing). In any case, Finke is apparently happy to sorta be called “thuggish” by business writer David Carr in the New York Times. Good article, possibly slightly inaccurate editorializing aside. Pull quote: “I’m not mean, I just write mean.”

* The same folks who gave Ms. Finke her money are doing something similar for the lighter side of the showbiz fence and have brought on mega-gossip monger Bonnie Fuller.

* Consider yourself a cinephile or film geek? Really? Well, if so, Prof. Snape has a challenge for you but beware or it might be 200 points from Gryffindor.