Whilst I dither over just what kind of “Bruno” related pun to put in my headline for tomorrow morning’s box office preview, Steven Zeitchik has an item that sort of defies belief in the possibilities it offers for of the potential for ribald and/or truly offensive jokes and puns, and not just the innocent fur-bound animal and classic TV sitcom-based gags Zeitchik mentions.

The script has been floating around for some time and been associated with such funnymen as Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell, but now it looks as if Mel Gibson may play the not-quite title role in “The Beaver.” It’s an edgy comedy about a man whose (presumably imaginary) friend is a beaver hand-puppet. Gibson might be a walking disaster area in many respects, but does have an underused gift for antic comedy. This could work.

Written by newcomer Kyle Killen, the comedy will team the sometimes blatantly homophobic Gibson with another director-actor, Jodie Foster, who will also costar. Did I mention I have tremendous amount of respect for Ms. Foster, as well as lifelong crush. (I like my film star infatuations on the unattainable side.) I now respect her sense of humor more than ever.