If you’re answer is “personality to spare and a winning smile,” I guess the case could be made, but that’s not what I was going for. The thing is, all week both our president and Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest movie alter ego have probably been the two most criticized figures within America’s gay community. Now, if you want to get a bead on all the criticism Mr. Obama has taken for a series of out and out screw ups in regards to his relations with the increasingly powerful political block — all within days of a major fundraiser from LGBT groups — all you need do is google “Obama” and “fierce advocate” and read about 50,000 articles and blog posts/comments on the topic.

As for the Brüno controversy, we’ve got the following:

* Nikki Finke discusses charges that the character, and his upcoming film, amount to “queerface” (as in “blackface”). She’s got an update up, also.

* Anna Robinson at Alternative Film Guide Summarizes just a bit more of the controversy.

* Anne Thompson has a brief defense (and some photos of Brüno in rather brief dress).

* Very cool fellow cinephile blogger and out actressexual Nathaniel R. has an early, secret review from an anonymous source.

* And, from a few weeks back, our own Jeff Giles has the man’s green brand trailer. Probably NSFW, but from what I’m reading, we ain’t seen nothing yet.