I’m just about the last person to dismiss a movie at its inception. As Roger Ebert says, very correctly, movies are not what they’re about, but how they are about it. But still…well, here’s what Variety has to say:

Several studios were in on the search, but Universal and Illumination Entertainment were the ones who found “Where’s Waldo?”…Warner Bros. chased the property for Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne’s Unique Features banner…U and Illumination will seek to create a movie with strong global appeal.

Now, mind you this is not for a Saturday morning animated TV series (that’s already been done), but a feature length motion picture for which, presumably, people over six all over the world will be expected to buy tickets. I’m sorry, but I don’t really see a story here. In any case, I’m pretty sure next up the big screen rights will soon be gobbled up for Kilroy, the truck mud-flaps women, and perhaps the “Hang In There” kitten, last seen in “Drag Me to Hell.”

As for a writer and a director, well, now that “Inglourious Basterds” is complete, I’ve found the perfect poster concept.