Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” began with Filipe reading a letter from his cousin Sione after Sione had been eliminated the week before, basically inspiring Filipe to keep the family flame burning at the ranch. Filipe was reading the letter to Kristin and Kristin made a comment that the last 7 weeks, one of Bob’s contestants had been eliminated, and that Jillian had a knack for delivering the winner of the show the last few seasons. Hmmm.

Then came the challenge, a frightening one in which the contestants had to cross a 700 foot zip line over a 10 story canyon. Yikes. Kristin said it can’t possibly look as scary on TV as it did in person, and I don’t doubt that for a second. As they began, Ron took a few steps in and realized his knees wouldn’t be able to take it. Ron has basically participated in about 5% of these challenges. Meanwhile, Filipe jumped out to a huge lead, Mikey got over his fear of heights, and Tara slipped and was having trouble getting back up on the line. But lo and behold, as she does every single time, Tara got back up and figured out how to effectively move quickly down the line. She was catching up to Filipe fast, and said something like, “I had a strategy…” I’m so sick of hearing that. Naturally, Filipe couldn’t keep up with her and Tara won. Mrs. Mike is officially as sick of Tara winning every week as I am. She won a $25K package of food for a year or something like that from Jennie-O, and just keeps stockpiling her prizes.

Then it was makeover time, with Tim Gunn from “Project Runway” choosing their outfits and then another company providing the makeover (my apologies but I missed the name of that and the stylists). Each contestant had a family member or friend in attendance to see them made over, and they got to walk a red carpet and have their own movie premier, which was a “film” about each of their journeys on the show. Helen and her husband Russell were just about dry humping on the red carpet, and Tara’s mom, amazingly, is even more annoying than Tara, proving that the apple never falls far from the tree. Ron and Mike were greeted by the mom/wife and brother/son Max, who is HUGE. Max is so happy for his dad and brother, but now is the largest one in the family and is reassured by Mikey that they will help him lose weight too. Producers, I hope you are offering Max a slot on the show next season.

Then came a big curveball. Laura had been having hip pain and Jillian sent her to see Dr. Huizenga. Dr. H revealed that Laura had a small stress fracture and that she needed to stop all physical activity ASAP, and for three months. Not exactly what Laura or Jillian wanted to hear.

At the weigh in, they were all saying what a tough week it was, since they basically only had one day to work out. Mikey went first and lost 5 pounds, breaking the all-time campus record for weight loss. Ron went next and lost 6, Tara 4, Filipe 5, Helen 7, and Kristin 2. So Ron and Kristin were below the yellow line for the moment, with Laura next. Laura knew she was probably going to have a tough week on the scale, and she was right, gaining 3 pounds.
That put her and Kristin below the line and guaranteed Ron’s safety.

This was a tough decision as you might imagine. Did everyone above the line vote Kristin off because she was a bigger threat, or did they do the right thing and send Laura home so she could rehab her injury properly? Kristin and Laura both wanted to stay, and Tara was pleading with everyone to keep her teammate at the ranch. Ron, though, said that while the gameplay decision would be to send Kristin home, he felt like everyone should look past that and allow Laura to go home because it would be the best thing for her. Mikey then made reference to the fact that keeping Kristin there could prove detrimental to him, but he wasn’t going to vote differently than his dad. So Tara and Helen voted for Kristin, but Ron and Mike voted for Laura as expected and it came down to Filipe, who you’ll remember is pretty tight with Kristin. So of course, Filipe also voted for Laura. Whew. I really want Kristin to win and she gets to stick around another week after dodging a bullet. But Ron showed me something…that he’s not all about the game as we suspected last week. He had Laura’s best interests ultimately in mind and proved it. Tara may have been thinking more of herself, and that she didn’t want to lose the vote support of her friend, or she could have been genuinely worried that Laura would struggle too much at home.

The show, thankfully, sent their doctors and physical therapists to work with Laura at home, and she was shown as doing quite well in her rehabbing. I’d say Laura is a dark horse to win the $100K, as she has to date lost 77 pounds, with a lot more weight to potentially drop.

So we’re down to six……Mikey and Ron, Tara, Filipe, Kristin and Helen. This is getting interesting and I think it’s truly anyone’s game to make the Final 4. See you next week…