Those who block out a part of their afternoon to watch their “stories” may best know Annie Wersching for her role as Amelia Joffee on “General Hospital,” and if you’re like our man Ross Ruediger, then a look at her resume will remind you of her role as a white supremacist on a very special episode of “Boston Legal.” For the most part, however, the average Premium Hollywood reader will look at this woman and say, “Hey, that’s Jacqueline Bauer!”

(John Paulsen will say, “Hey, that’s Freckles,” of course, but, then, he’s always been a little contrary.)

“What? An interview? Look, pal, I’m kind of in the middle of something here…”

Bullz-Eye will be talking to the lovely Ms. Wersching in conjunction with the appearance of “24” on our upcoming TV Power Rankings, and we’d like to give the dedicated readers of the show’s blog the chance to ask her some questions. Whether they’re about her characters, her experiences on the show, or even some other item on her resume, just leave them in the comments section and we’ll add ’em to our list. Then check back here and on on April 15th to read Agent Renee Walker’s responses…and, of course, to find out where “24” turns up in the TV Power Rankings!