I gotta hand it to the folks at NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” They keep changing things up the point of being insane, though I admit last night’s curveball was strangely compelling. After Aubrey was kicked off last week, Filipe was shown talking to his cousin Sione, and they were both pissed that Ron had almost voted Filipe off the previous week. Then since host Alison Sweeney had her baby that week, guest host number one was Ali Vincent, the winner from two seasons ago and first female Biggest Loser champ. Ali threw the curveball, bringing back three contestants who were voted off early in the season–Nicole, Estella and David. They would each weigh in and whoever had the highest percentage of weight loss to date would be allowed back in the competition, with immunity the first week so long as they didn’t gain weight.

Estella lost 45 pounds, or 18.6%; David, though he looked about the same as when the season started, lost 46 pounds or 11.7%; and Nicole lost a whopping 87 pounds, or 32.34%, and was the clear winner. Not only that, Nicole has the second highest percentage of weight loss in the house now, second only to the mighty Tara. Not surprisingly, this made everyone nervous.

Then Tara was shown talking to Jillian, her trainer, telling her about the demons she faces and is afraid of when she goes home, the demons that allowed her to balloon to almost 300 pounds. But Jillian calmed her down and pointed out that Tara should be proud she recognizes the demonds and that she has confidence in Tara. Then, Ron was shown walking around the campus and experienced chest pains. He was sent to the hospital, where Dr. H took care of Ron and recommended a scope procedure to see why he was bleeding internally. Turns out it was a side effect from his gastric bypass surgery, and that Ron is fine. Whew.

Then for the main challenge, the host was Michelle, last season’s winner. The challenge was to balance on 40 ropes suspended above a pool. The ropes would be cut one by one, leaving them to balance as best they could. The winner would have a one-pound advantage at the weigh in. Amazingly, Tara did not win…in fact, she dropped in the pool with three or four of the others still competing. Mrs. Mike doesn’t agree, but I think Tara took a dive, because she didn’t want anymore bad blood between her and the field. Then it came down to Sione and Kristin, and Sione was staring Kristin down because he wanted to win so badly, and he did.

Then, after the last chance workout, Allison was back for the weigh in, just days after giving birth! Nicole weighed in first, and GAINED 5 pounds. Bob had mentioned that Nicole shouldn’t let the stress of being back at the ranch get to her, but it clearly did and contributed to the weight gain. So no more immunity and the likelihood that Nicole would be going back home already. Kristin lost 4 pounds, Laura gained a pound, Tara lost 6 to put her over 100 pounds of weight loss (and I actually am starting to like Tara again, just a little), Helen lost 6, Sione lost 6 but 7 with the pound advantage, Filipe lost 4, and Mike 11. Then it was Ron’s turn, and he expected to gain weight because the hospital pumped him with salt water to bring his energy back up. Ron gained 3 pounds, which wasn’t all that bad, but that put him below Laura and below the yellow line along with Nicole.

Mrs. Mike pointed out that Filipe and Sione and Kristin were shown discussing the fact that Ron was keeping his son Mikey there and that Mikey had extra “protection” that way. Interesting, but true. So clearly those three would vote to send Ron home, right? Well, it was a tough vote. Because everyone had told Nicole they were happy she was back because she challenged them all, but it wasn’t exactly fair to vote Ron off after he just spent the week in a hospital. I think they should have given him a free pass this week, but this is show biz.

Anyway, Mikey, Laura and Tara all voted for Nicole, while Filipe, Sione and Helen voted for Ron. That left Kristin with the deciding vote, and she surprised everyone by voting for Nicole…citing that Nicole was just more of a threat to win than Ron. She also correctly pointed out that Nicole has proven that she can do this at home. So as quickly as Nicoled had returned, she was going home again.

They showed her at home trying on wedding dresses, and she has gone from a size 24 to a size 12. Wow. But while Nicole has lost 105 pounds now, down from 269 to 164, she is not done yet and has her eye on the $100K prize. As for who might win the whole thing…I have absolutely no idea. But I’d rule out Filipe, Ron or Laura right away and say that it will be Kristin, Sione, Tara, Helen or Mikey. I guess I’m putting my money on Mikey, and I hope he wins to set an example for his younger brother and for millions of overweight teenagers.

That’s it….the season is flying by and I’m exhausted from watching four hours of TV. See you next week, and get ready for more curveballs!