Are you on board yet? I’m telling you, this show rocks, despite the fact that the Food Network airs it so late at night on a Sunday (10pm ET).

Anyway, last night Episode 4 began with the remaining seven contestants having to perform a 60-second info-mercial for Food Network personality Tyler Florence about a specific task that they were assigned on the spot. For the second and main challenge, they were asked to come up with a fish dish for possible “syndication” on Red Lobster menus nationwide, and then Iron-chef style, had to make a second fish dish with a strange ingredient. They had 45 minutes to prepare their dishes on a Coast Guard ship to serve members of the Coast Guard along with the judges, including Iron Chef Michael Simon. Here is how it all went down, by chef…..

Kelsey had to “french” a rack of lamb for her video shoot and she did pretty well, actually knowing how to do it and toning down her personality just enough. For her fish dishes, she chose tilapia and white chocolate. Kelsey made a fish cake, and then a macadamia/white chocolate crusted fish, both of which turned out great. She won the Red Lobster challenge and the judges were pleased overall with her presentations.

Aaron was asked to cut up a pineapple, which I thought was the simplest task of the seven, but he spent too much time talking about making a garnish out of the stem. Then he underperformed the main task, in which he had cod and cola to work with. Aaron simply cooked the fish too long and it was dry.

Lisa did pretty well. She had to truss a chicken and did well with that and also was engaging on camera. She then had to make something with Arctic char and coffee beans and was very creative with her work, even though she tripped in the kitchen on her high heels. Lisa showed some vulnerability with her presentation and won over the judges by doing so.

Adam had to prepare a whole artichoke for his first challenge and ran out of time, but was still pretty animated. He then had to make something with caramel candy and halibut. Yuck. While his dishes seemed interesting, the judges said they tasted fishy, meaning he didn’t cook them properly. Adam didn’t help his cause by tripping coming out of the kitchen and poking fun at himself.

Jennifer had to shuck and oyster for her first challenge, and did okay but kept apologizing that this was not her area of expertise. She then had to make mahi-mahi with fruit cereal (read: Fruit Loops) and didn’t too all that well. The judges thought she looked great on camera but the apologizing thing is getting old with her.

Shane had to open a coconut and get the juice out of it, and even though he failed, was very convincing on camera that he knew what he was doing. Shane had to make sole with marshmallow cream, and somehow he pulled it off. Not only that, but he is getting better and better at his presentations. Shane actually has an outside shot of winning this thing.

Nipa is not a seafood person, and she made that painfully obvious. She was asked to prepare a squid and really had to wing it. She then was afraid to pick up her whole trout that she needed to cook along with her secret ingredient, grape jelly. Nipa somehow pulled it together, and did this Bollywood dancing thing in her presentation, but her fear of fish was almost a sure pink slip.

Then came judgment time. Since Kelsey won the Red Lobser challenge, she was safe, and so were Lisa and Shane, who both performed well. They told Jennifer and Aaron that they were both on shaky ground but were allowed to move forward. Jenn was told she needs to stop apologizing, and Aaron was asked to show more of who he is, and he promptly admitted his son Josh ran away from home recently and that he wanted him to return. So it was down to Adam and Nipa. Adam has been, as Michael Simon admitted, a “train wreck,” but he was granted another chance and Nipa was sent home.

Nipa’s idea for home style Indian food was not bad, but maybe lacked the universal appeal necessary for a Food Network show. Meanwhile, she just kept giving the judges reasons to boot her off, and, well, any chef who is afraid of fish just has no chance at having a show on this network.

So we’re down to six and rolling along. My feeling is that Adam and Jennifer will be next to go, but you never know with these shows. Either way, make sure you tune in, or set your TiVo if it’s on too late. See you all next week….