It started with 32 competitors. Now it’s down to the final two.

It’d be nice to write something original for once, but the fact remains – Indiana Jones has surprised us yet again. After upsetting #1 seed Jack Bauer in the first round and then steamrolling over the likes of Doc Holliday, John McClane and Maximus, the archaeologist-turned-adventurer will now face off against his most formidable opponent yet: Batman.

Sure the Dark Knight has been just as much of a wild card in this competition as his challenger, bouncing the bracket’s other #1 seed Dirty Harry in the Sweet 16 while also knocking off staff favorite Tony Montana, but he hasn’t advanced to the final match quite as easily as Indy. It’ll be interesting to see how the two iconic heroes match up, specifically because they’re so similar in so many ways. And before you declare shenanigans on this whole bracket, remember one thing: none of us ever thought either one of these guys would get this far.

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