This is one lean, mean Sweet 16. Law enforcement has done extremely well so far (though the police do not condone the actions of either McClane or Callahan, and have scheduled anger management sessions and sensitivity training for both), but representatives of the New York, Miami and Los Angeles branches of organized crime are ready, willing and able to bust a cap. Unfortunately for the gangsters, two of them – Jules Winnfield and Tony Montana – face off against each other, leaving them at least one soldier down in the Elite Eight.

Ellen Ripley has her hands full against the flying firsts of Lee, the meddling archaeologist takes on the drunk gunslinger, and in what is perhaps the most intriguing battle of the round, the cannibal squares off with the biggest slice of beefcake in the bracket. Saddle up, voters: it’s time to throw down.

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(#16) Indiana Jones vs. (#9) Doc Holliday
(#12) James Bond vs. (#4) John McClane
(#6) Conan vs. (#3) Hannibal Lecter
(#7) Sonny Corleone vs. (#2) Maximus

(#1) Dirty Harry vs. (#8) Batman
(#5) Jules Winnfield vs. (#13) Tony Montana
(#6) Rooster Cogburn vs. (#3) John Rambo
(#7) Lee vs. (#2) Ripley