Who is the biggest badass in entertainment history? We split the 32 contestants into two brackets and seeded each bracket 1-16. Now, it’s on you. Each week, we’ll open up different portions of the bracket for voting, with the winner of each matchup moving on to the next round until we’ve crowned a badass champion.

The lone female entry in Round One fared poorly, but the two women in Round Two have a lust for revenge. Ellen Ripley, scourge of all things alien, does battle with the Sexy Beast (Don Logan), while everyone’s favorite vampire slayer Buffy Summers is up against…a man in a bat suit. How fitting.

In our “I Love the ’70s” matchup, John Shaft goes mano a mano with Lee (“Enter the Dragon”), and the Old West is represented by badasses both good (Rooster Cogburn) and evil (Al Swearengen). The ultimate battle of good versus evil, however, features Tony “Scarface” Montana taking on the man who gave baby Jesus the gift of beard: Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger. There is also dueling mobsters, dueling gun nuts, and dueling psychos. Get your freak on.

Check out our full bracket to follow along, or just click on any one of the match-ups below and vote for your favorite badass:

(#1) Dirty Harry vs. (#16) Travis Bickle
(#2) Ellen Ripley vs. (#15) Don Logan
(#3) John Rambo vs. (#14) Tommy DeVito
(#4) Cord Walker vs. (#13) Tony Montana
(#5) Jules Winnfield vs. (#12) Keyser Soze
(#6) Rooster Cogburn vs. (#11) Al Swearengen
(#7) Lee vs. (#10) John Shaft
(#8) Batman vs. (#9) Buffy Summers