Apparently, we sold Indiana Jones short. He was, after all, being set up for a major thrashing at the hands of CTU super agent, Jack Bauer, but the good doctor held a respectable lead for a majority of the voting stage and pulled out a win. Of course, despite losing to Indy by nearly 25% at one point, Jack made a last minute campaign that landed him within 5% of victory. A close battle indeed, and that wasn’t the only upset of the first round, either. The Bride fell victim to James Bond’s charm and apparent popularity, while John McClane swept the floor with Tyler Durden perhaps too easily.

In a classic battle of old vs. new, Sonny Corleone whacked Tony Soprano, and Conan showed Casey Ryback just how much of a barbarian he really is. And what of Maxmius’ battle with James Dalton? Just as we expected, though the fight between Ash and Doc Holliday was an out-and-out brawl to the end, with the polls locked at the 50/50 mark until the final days when Doc pulled out a last minute victory with a surge in votes and a little luck. As a result, the Round of 16 will be heavily represented by the veteran badasses, with many of the new blood favorites sent packing far earlier than expected.

Check out all of our round one match-ups here, and then come back to post any gripes or opinions about the results.